BS in Applied Mathematics

As of Summer 2017, this degree is no longer offered.  See the BS in Mathematics.


The School's Applied Mathematics degree provides a certification of an extensive training in mathematics and the development of an expertise in another area of science or engineering. The holders of this degree are well qualified for a variety of careers in applied mathematics and further study in a variety of graduate programs requiring mathematical expertise.

Most of our majors are in applied math, so that students can take more classes in math, it seems. They are busy pursuing a wide range of classes, study abroad, fellowships, and research opportunities. What are the key courses in the degree? Besides the calculus plus differential equations curriculum, the next key course in MATH 2406, is the Abstract Vector Spaces course. It serves as the gateway course to many upper-division 4XXX courses. It also serves as the first serious introduction to proof writing, which is the most essential part of the upper-division courses.

After that, many students find that MATH 4317 Analysis I is a fundamental course to them. The careful and rigorous study of the familiar subject of calculus opens their eyes to a more theoretical view of mathematics. The Cantor diagonalization theorem and the study of compactness are central to the course.

The next fundamental course is Algebra I, as the objects studied, in some sense are less complicated, though the view point is more abstract. Algebra, nevertheless, is a very much applied topic these days and an important ingredient to many topics of interest to computer science. There are more great courses, depending upon the students interests. The course offerings at the 4XXX-level are rich and varied.

See the Georgia Tech Catalog for a complete list of degree requirements in Applied Mathematics.

BS Applied Math Checklist pre-Fall 2015
BS Applied Math Checklist Fall 2015 (pending approval)

Engineering or Science Electives ( = Sci/Eng Electives )

Note:  MATH 3670, MATH 3770 cannot be used as MATH Elective or Free Elective.