Homecoming 2014

Other Talks
Friday, October 31, 2014 - 4:00pm
5 hours
North end of Tech Green
Schools in the College of Sciences
This year's homecoming activities promise to be better than ever with all of the schools in the College of Sciences getting together to throw one big bash. Hear the CoS All-Star band, play casino and table games and take part in our photo contest. Come early to take a tour of science labs and hear faculty and students show-off their research. This is Halloween, so wear your costume to take part in the 2014 All Hallow's Eve Costume contest, if you wish. Come as your favorite costume, extra points for including some science in your get-up. There will be fabulous prizes, giveways and much, much more! Families, kids and guests are welcome. Those without an RSVP will still be able to purchase food, but for free food RSVP is required.