Graduate Projected Schedules

Course Number Semesters Offered
Introduction to Graduate Mathematics 6001 fa16, fa17
Graph Theory 6014 fa16, fa17
Advanced Linear Algebra 6112 fa16, fa17
Algebra I 6121 fa16, fa17
Algebra II 6122 sp16, sp17
Advanced Classical Probability Theory 6221 sp16, sp17
Stochastic Processes in Finance II 6235 fa16, fa17
Probability I 6241 fa16, fa17
Probability II 6242 sp16, sp17
Statistical Estimation 6262 sp16, sp17
Testing Statistical Hypotheses 6263 fa16, fa17
Linear Statistical Models 6266 fa16, fa17
Multivariate Statistical Analysis 6267 sp16, sp17
Fractal Geometry 6300
Ordinary Differential Equations I 6307 fa16, fa17
Ordinary Differential Equations II 6308 sp16, sp17
Complex Analysis 6321 sp16, sp17
Real Analysis I 6337 sp16, fa16, sp17, fa17
Real Analysis II 6338 sp16, su16, sp17, su17
Partial Differential Equations I 6341 fa16, fa17
Partial Differential Equations II 6342 sp16, sp17
Algebraic Geometry I 6421 fa17
Algebraic Geometry II 6422 sp16, sp18
Algebraic Topology I 6441 sp16, sp17
Algebraic Topology II 6442
General Topology 6451
Differential Topology 6452 fa16, fa17
Geometric Topology 6453
Differential Geometry I 6455 sp16, sp17
Industrial Mathematics I 6514 fa16, fa17
Industrial Mathematics II 6515 sp17
Introduction to Hilbert Spaces 6580 su16, fa16, su17, fa17
Integral Equations and Transforms 6583 su17
Numerical Methods in Finance 6635 sp16, sp17
Introduction to Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations 6640 fa16, fa17
Advanced Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations 6641 sp16
Numerical Linear Algebra 6643 fa16, fa17
Iterative Methods for Systems of Equations 6644 sp16, sp17
Numerical Approximation Theory 6645 sp17
Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations 6646 sp16
Numerical Methods for Dynamical Systems 6647 sp17
Math Methods of Applied Sciences I 6701 su16, fa16, su17, fa17
Math Methods of Applied Sciences II 6702 sp16, sp17
Modeling and Dynamics 6705 fa16, fa17
Stochastic Processes in Finance I 6759 fa16, fa17
Stochastic Processes I 6761 fa16, fa17
Stochastic Processes II 6762 sp16, sp17
Design and Implementation of Systems to Support Computational Finance 6767 fa16, fa17
Fixed Income Securities 6769 sp16, sp17
Reliability Theory 6781 fa16, fa17
Statistical Techniques of Financial Data Analysis 6783 sp16, sp17
The Practice of Quantitative and Computational Finance 6785 fa16, fa17
Enumerative Combinatorics 7012 fa17
Advanced Graph Theory 7014 sp16, sp17
Combinatorics 7016 sp17
Probabilistic Methods in Combinatorics 7018 sp16, sp17
Stochastic Processes and Stochastic Calculus I 7244 fa16, fa17
Stochastic Processes and Stochastic Calculus II 7245 sp16, sp17
Introduction to Operator Theory 7334 sp16, sp17
Harmonic Analysis 7337 fa17
Functional Analysis 7338 fa16
Graph Algorithms 7510 sp17
Calculus of Variations 7581 sp16
Tensor Analysis 7586
Asymptotics in Sequence Comparison 8803 HOU sp17
Introduction to Random Matrices 8803 POP sp16
Applied Stochastic Dynamics 8803 TAO sp16
The Academic and Industry Job Search 8803-BUR fa17
Introduction to Heegaard Floer homology 8803-HOM fa17
Mathematical Introduction to Compressive Sensing 8803-LAC fa16
4-manifolds 8803-LAM sp18
High-dimensional geometry and probability 8803-LIV sp18
Potential Theory 8803-LUB fa16
Torelli groups 8803-MAR sp18
Big matrices and real life machine learning appliedĀ  problems 8803-MAT sp18
Mathematics Written Comps Preparatory Class 8803-PHD
Modular Forms: Theory and Applications 8803-ROL sp18
Algebraic Curves 8803-SIN fa16
Random Discrete Structures 8803-WAR fa17