Spring 2017


Math Methods of Applied Sciences II

Review of vector calculus and and its application to partial differential equations.

Numerical Methods for Dynamical Systems

Approximation of the dynamical structure of a differential equation and preservation of dynamical structure under discretization.

Numerical Approximation Theory

Theoretical and computational aspects of polynomial, rational, trigonometric, spline and wavelet approximation.

Iterative Methods for Systems of Equations

Iterative methods for linear and nonlinear systems of equations including Jacobi, G-S, SOR, CG, multigrid, fixed point methods, Newton quasi-Newton, updating, gradient methods. Crosslisted with CSE 6644.

Numerical Methods in Finance

This course contains the basic numerical and simulation techniques for the pricing of derivative securities.

Industrial Mathematics II

Applications of mathematical techniques from MATH 6514 to solve real-world problems. Group projects to solve industrial problems in topics chosen by the instructor. (2nd of two courses)

Differential Geometry I

Core topics in differential and Riemannian geometry including Lie groups, curvature, relations with topology.

Partial Differential Equations II

This course covers the general mathematical theory of linear stationary and evolution problems plus selected topics chosen on the instructor's interests.

Real Analysis II

Topics include L^p, Banach and Hilbert spaces, basic functional analysis.

Real Analysis I

Measure and integration theory


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