Letter from the Chair, Professor Rachel Kuske

Rachel Kuske, Professor and Chair

The Welcome from the Chair from ProofReader 2019:

We welcome the opportunity to connect with you once again through the 2019 Proofreader.

A number of the articles in this edition highlight exciting progress as we advance the School of Mathematics as a national and international hub for activities across the mathematical sciences.



Contributing to this hub are recent funding initiatives, which bring researchers at all levels to spend time at the School of Math. The Research Training Grant in Geometry and Topology allows us to expand our recruitment of postdocs and graduates students in the School (Pg. 3), as well as supporting broader training activities that benefit junior researchers across the country. The Southeast Center in Mathematical Biology is a national center that links together math, biology, and a number of universities across the Southeast. And the recent award of an NSF-REU program in the School of Math supports 25+ students to come to the School of Mathematics to work with faculty and postdocs

on research projects during the summer. This fund complements other undergraduate research projects that the SoM and College of Science support during both the summer and through the academic year. (For a story featuring the REU’s from 2018 see Pg. 13-16)



There has also been a sharp increase in the number of conferences and workshops led by SoM’s faculty over the last few years. These have brought an impressive number of visitors to the School and Georgia Tech. The School’s faculty has been attracting substantial funding for these, with more than 25 events run over the last two years. These range from large conferences with hundreds of participants, run in cooperation with mathematic professional organizations, to research-area focused workshops attracting researchers nationally and internationally, to regional conferences primarily involving researchers from the Southeast (Pg. 29-30). These events include training activities supported through faculty-held NSF-CAREER grants or the research centers mentioned above.



One of our major regional events is the High School Math Competition, running annually every April or May. This past April we again welcomed over 300 participants, as well as their coaches, teachers, and parents for another action-packed day where students could compete as individuals and in teams, learn about careers in mathematics, and visit the Georgia Tech campus (Pg. 8). Complementing these activities, we have a large - and growing - distance learning program where high school students can take university level courses. We see many of these students later applying to attend Georgia Tech.



Finally, the School continues with an active visitor program, averaging between 30-40 long term visitors per year, and around 70 short term visitors, more than half of whom give seminars. Our recruitment of postdocs and graduate students continues on a strong positive trajectory, both in terms of the quality and quantity of applications, as well as in the strength and diversity of the postdoctoral and graduate student cohorts that join us in SoM.



We are working hard on getting the word out about the many opportunities in SoM. And we hope you will have the opportunity to visit us and experience yourself the activities at this hub of mathematics!



Finally we have a new website which gives visitors an excellent view of what is going on in the School, as well as recent news about School members and activities. An extensive archive of these events is also available, together with updated webpages for many of our programs. Please check in with us there – and in person! – to see how we realize our goals for the future.


- Rachel Kuske, Professor and Chair of the School of Mathematics