March 12, 2014 | Atlanta, GA

Several NSF $300K EAGER projects (Early Concept Grants for Exploratory Research) involving School of Mathematics faculty have been awarded. These were spinoffs from the recent "Expeditions in Computing" effort led by Prasad Tetali.

NSF Proposal: 1415460

Title: Eager: Discrete Optimization Algorithms for 21st Century Algorithms

PI: George Nemhauser (co-PIs: Nina Balcan, Avrim Blum, Santanu Dey, Santosh Vempala)

NSF Proposal: 1415496
Title: EAGER: Physical Flow and other Industrial Challenges

PI: Prasad Tetali (co-PIs: Henrik Christensen, Sebastian Pokutta, George Nemhauser)

NSF Proposal: 1415498
Title: EAGER: Convex Optimization Algorithms for 21st Century Challenges

PI: Santosh Vempala (co-PIs: Vladimir Koltchinskii, Arkadi Nemirovski, Justin Romberg, Prasad Tetali)