Professors Help Found Multimillion Dollar Math & Biology NSF-Simons Project

May 24, 2018 | Atlanta, GA

A new national project, which includes the Georgia Institute of Technology, aims to convey the benefits of physics’ age-old intertwining with math upon biology, a science historically less connected with it. The National Science Foundation and the Simons Foundation have launched four centers to do this, funded with $40 million, one of which is headquartered at Georgia Tech and will receive a quarter of the funding.

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Founding Members of the Organization include:

  • Greg Bleckerman (GaTech SoM math)
  • Christine Heitsch (GaTech SoM math)
  • Natasha Jonoska (USF math)
  • Julie Mitchell (UW-Madison math)
  • Peter Bubenik (U. Florida math)
  • Elena Dimitrova (Clemson math)
  • Scott McKinley (Tulane math)
  • Dan Goldman (GaTech physics)
  • Francesca Storici (GaTech bio)
  • Annalise Paaby (GaTech bio)
  • Matt Torres (GaTech bio)
  • Hang Lu (GaTech biochem)
  • Melissa Kemp (GaTech bio-eng)
  • Christine Payne (GaTech mech-eng)

This article was edited from a story originally posted 5/24/2018 by Ben Brumfield. 

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