Past Postdoctoral Programs

Post Doc Tracking
Years Name Research Area Position after PostDoc
2019-2022 Banos Cervantes, Hector Topological Data Analysis Current
2019-2022 Beardsley, Jonathan Algebraic Dopology, Derived Algebraic geometry, category theory Current
2019-2022 Bloomquist, Wade Quantum Topology Current
2019-2022 Cruz Ortega, Daniel Discrete Math, Graph Theory Current
2019-2021 Cui, Jianbo Regularity Analysis and Stochastics Current
2019-2022 Hao, Jing Coding Theory and Information Theory Current
2019-2022 Huang, Han Geometric Functional Analysis, Measure Concentration, Random Matrices Current
2019-2022 Kuzbary, Miriam Low-dimensional topology, group theory Current
2020-2023 Liu, Beibei Geometric Group theory, Discrete Isometry Groups Arriving 2020
2019-2020 Loving, Marissa Mapping Class Group and Geometric Structures on Surfaces Current
2019-2021 Saaidi, Afaf Algorithmic, Optimimization, Machine Learning, Numerical Analysis, BioInformatics Current
2019-2022 Vilaca Da Rocha, Victor Linear and Nonlinear Waves Current
2019-2021 Lin, Bo Tropical geometry, combinatorics, convex geometry, and SCMB Current
2017-2019 Brito, Gerandy Probability Lecturer at the College of Computing, GT
2018-2021 Chen, Justin Algebra/Alg. Geom. Current
2017-2019 Eslava, Laura Probability/Combinatorics TT position at IIMAS-UNAM in Mexico City
2018-2020 Han, Rui Math Physics/Analysis Current
2015-2019 Jin, Jiayin PDEs/Dynamical Systems  TT position at Sichuan University of China;(2020)
2017-2020 Kordek, Kevin Topology/Alg. Geom. Current
2017-2019 Lambert-Cole, Peter Contact and symplectic topology Max Planck Institute in Bonn, Germany 
2018-2020 Len, Yoav Algebraic geometry Current
2016-2020 Leverson, Caitlin Contact/Symplectic Topology Current/Fall 20 -Tenure-track at Bard College
2018-2021 Liu, Hao high dimensional function approximation and numerical PD Current
2016-2019 Northington, Michael Harmonic Analysis  
2018-2021 Park, JungHwan knot theory / low dimensional topology Current
2018-2020 Pereira, Luis Algebraic Topology Postdoc, Duke University
2017-2020 Serdukova, Larissa Stochastic differential equations and Stochastic dynamics Current
2017-2019 Souza, Andre computational mathematics Research Scientist at MIT
2016-2019 Srinivasan, Padmavathi Number theory and Algebraic Geometry Post doc at UGA
2016-2019 Strenner, Balazs low-dimensional topology Deep Learning Engineer,  Continental
2017-2020 Yan, Xukai Partial Differential Equations Current
2018-2019 Yoon, Iris applied topology  
2019-2019 Philipp Jell Algebraic Geometry Post doc at SFB/CRC Higher Invariants at University of Regensburg
2016-2018 Kesler, Robert Analysis, plus Electrical Engineering Staff Scientist at Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc
2017-2018 Podder, Moumanti Discrete Mathematics Assistant Professor, University of Washington
2016-2018 Corsi, Livia Dynamical systems, Hamiltonian PDE Visiting Professor, Emory University
2016-2018 Culiuc, Amalia Hamornic Analysis Assistant Professor, Amherst College
2015-2018 Bernstein, Megan  Combinatorics and Probability Research Staff Member at IDA CCR La Jolla 
2015-2018 Greenwood, Torin  Analytic Combinatorics Assistant Professor, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
2015-2016 Islak, Umit Concentration of Measure Inequalities, Stein’s Method Assistant Professor, Bogazici University 
2015-2018 Smith, Heather  Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Complexity Theory Assistant Professor, Davidson College
2015-2016 Wang, Xuan  Probability Theory Data Scientist, DataBricks
2015-2017 Barerra-Cruz, Fidel  Problems Related to Dimension of Posests Google
2015-2017 Frederick, Christina Applied and Numerical Analysis, Multi-Scale Modeling; Inverse problems Assistant Professor, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)
2015-2016 Hanson, Jack  Probability Theory Assistant Professor, City College of NY
2014-2017 Sinn, Rainer Convex Algebraic Geometry Junior-Professor, Freie Universitat Berlin
2014-2017 Wang, Chi-Jen  Modeling of Spatial Epidemics, Autocatalysis Assistant Professor, National Chung Cheng University
2014-2017 Yashtini, Maryam  Numerical Analysis & Computational Optimization Assistant Professor, Georgetown University
2014-2016 Gignac, William  Complex and Nonarchimedean Dynamics Postdoctoral Researcher at Ecole polytechnique 
2014-2016 Holmes, Irina  Dyadic Hamronic Analysis, Weighted Inequalities, Multiparameter Hamronic Analysis NSF Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellow
2014-2016 Manetta, Manuela  Global Optimization Lecturer, Emory College of Arts & Sciences
2014-2016 Moore, James Mathematical Immunology Research Fellow, Emory University
2014-2016 Wang, Chunmei  Numerical Analysis Assistant Professor, Texas State University
2014-2015 Canadell, Marta  Computational & Rigorous Aspects of Dynamical Systems Data Analyst and SEM Strategist, Cyberclick
2014-2015 Walczak, Bartosz  Graph Theory and Ordering Professor, Jagiellonian University
2013-2017 Barone, Salvador  Real Algebraic Geometry  Academic Professional, Georgia Tech
2013-2016 Chen, Geng  Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Fluid Dynamics Assistant Professor, University of Kansas
2013-2016 Jun Kim, Seong  Numerical Analysis Samsung, South Korea
2013-2015 Abuzzahab, Omar  Probability Theory Self-employed
2013-2015 Ferrer, Pere Menal  Algebra, Geometry and Topology, Number Theory Data Scientist, Aplicaciones en Informatica Avanzada
2013-2015 Fox, Adam  Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Lead Data Scientist, MassMutual
2013-2015 Bickel, Kelly  Several Complex Variables & Function Theory Assistant Professor, Bucknell University
2013-2014 Shan, Chunhua  Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems Assistant Professor, University of Toledo
2013-2014 Hod, Rani  Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Algorithms Postdoc Fellow, Harvard University
2013-2014 Calleja, Renato  Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Physics Research Assistant Professor, IIMAS-UNAM
2012-2015 Cicone, Antonio  Numerical Analysis, Applied Mathematics Marie Curie Fellow, Università dell'Aquila
2012-2014 Mak, Kit Ho  Algebraic Number Theory, Analytic Number Theory Cirriculum Development Officer, Hanlun Information Limited
2012-2014 Murrugarra, David  Mathematical Biology Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky
2012-2013  Manjunath, Madhusudan  Combinatorial Aspects of Algebraic Geometry & Commutative Algebra Assistant Professor, IIT Bombay
2012-2013 Xu, Lu  Hamiltonian Dynamics and KAM Theory Assistant Professor, Jilin University
2011-2014 Perkins, Will  Probability, Statistics, Computer Science, Combinatorics Birmingham Fellow, University of Birmingham
2011-2013 Biswas, Saikat  Algebraic Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University
2011-2013 Ye, Xiaojing  Analysis and Numerical Methods Assistant Professor, Georgia State University
2011-2012 Swenson, Michelle  Combinatorial Problems, RNA Secondary Structure Visiting Assistant Professor, Emory University
2010-2013  Mitkovski, Mishko  Analytic Functions Assistant Professor, Clemson University
2010-2013 Poznanovik, Svetlana  Enumerative and Algebraic Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematical Biology Assistant Professor, Clemson University
2010-2012 Wong, Manwah Lilian Analysis, Orthogonal Polynomials, Spectral Theory Software Engineer
2010 -2011 Do, Yen  Harmonic Analysis, Probabilistic Analysis, Mathematical Physics. Assistant Professor, University of Virginia
2009-2010 Savinien, Jean  Theory of tilings, Tilings Dynamical Systems Professor, Université de Lorraine
2008-2010 Costello, Kevin  Combinatorics and Probability Assistant Professor, University of California at Riverside
2008-2009 Deng, Shengfu  Dynamical Systems Professor, Huaqia University
2008-2009 Liang, Zhenguo  Dynamic Systems, Differential Equations, Harmonic Analysis Associate Professor, Fudan University
2008-2009 Hower, Valerie  Genomics, Discrete Mathematical Biology, and Probabilistic and Topological Methods in Data Analysis. Instructor, Florida Atlantic University
2008-2009 Mileyko, Yuriy  Topological and Geometric Tools Visiting Assistant Professor, Duke University
2007-2009 Wang, Hao  Viral Dynamics and Evolution Associate Professor, University of Alberta
2007-2009 Stojanovic, Gordana  Differential Geometry and Topology Brown University
2007-2009 Liu, Zhenxin  Stochastic Dynamics and Stochastic Differential Equations Professor, Dalian University of Technology
2007-2008 Ji, Shuguan  Differential equations and Dynamical Systems Professor, Jilin University
2007-2008 Rigollet, Philippe Statistical limitations of learning under computational constraints. Associate Editor for Bernoulli, Electronic Journal of Statistics and Mathematical Statistics and Learning
2007-2008 Dvorak, Zdenek  Graph and Hypergraph Coloring and Generalizations of Coloring Associate Professor, Charles University
2007-2008 Vela-Arevalo, Luz  Hamiltonian Dynamics and Celestial Mechanics Academic Professional, Georgia Tech
2006-2008 Borodachov, Sergiy  Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Approximation Theory Associate Professor, Towson University
2006-2008 Baker, Ken  Low Dimensional Topology,The Knot Theory of 3-Manifolds, Dehn Surgery  Associate Professor, University of Miami
2006-2008 Ahmadov, Anar  Low-dimensional Topology, Smooth 4-manifolds, and Symplectic Topology Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
2005-2008 Bilyk, Dmitriy  Harmonic Analysis, Functional Analysis, Discrepancy Theory Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
2004 -2008 Geer, Nathan  Low Dimensional Topology, Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics Associate Professor, Utah State University