Past Postdoctoral Programs

  Post Doc Tracking
Years Name Research Area Position after PostDoc
2015-2017 Fidel Barerra-Cruz Problems Related to Dimension of Posests Current
2015-2018 Megan Bernstein Combinatorics and Probability Current
2015-2018 Torin Greenwood Analytic Combinatorics Current
2015 Jack Hanson Probability Theory Assistant Professor, City College of NY
2015-2018 Umit Islak Concentration of Measure Inequalities, Stein’s Method Current
2015-2018 Jiayin Jin Partial Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems Current
2015-2018 Heather Smith Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Complexity Theory Current
2015-2018 Xuan Wang Probability Theory Data Scientist, DataBricks
2013-2016 Geng Chen Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Fluid Dynamics Assistant Professor, University of Kansas
2015-2017 Christina Frederick Applied and Numerical Analysis, Multi-Scale Modeling; Inverse problems Assistant Professor, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)
2014-2016 William Gignac Complex and Nonarchimedean Dynamics N/A
2014-2016 Irina Holmes Dyadic Hamronic Analysis, Weighted Inequalities, Multiparameter Hamronic Analysis NSF Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellow
2013-2016 Seong Jun Kim Efficient Numerical Methods for Several Visibility Optimization Problems SAMSUNG, South Korea
2014-2016 Manuela Manetta Global Optimization Lecturer, Emory College of Arts & Sciences
2014-2017 Rainer Sinn Convex Algebraic Geometry Junior-Professor, Freie Universitat Berlin
2014-2017 Chi-Jen Wang Modeling of Spatial Epidemics, Autocatalysis Assistant Professor, National Chung Cheng University
2014-2016 Chunmei Wang Numerical Analysis Assistant Professor, Univ. Texas at San Marcos
2014-2017 Maryam Yashtini Numerical Analysis & Computational Optimization Assistant Professor, Georgetown University
2013-2015 Omar Abuzzahab    
2013-2017 Salvador Barone Real Algebraic Geometry Academic Professional, Georgia Tech
2014-2015 Marta Canadell Computational & Rigorous Aspects of Dynamical Systems Data Analyst and SEM Strategist, Cyberclick
2013-2015 Pere Menal Ferrer Algebra, Geometry and Topology, Number Theory Data Scientist, Aplicaciones en Informatica Avanzada
2014-2015 Bartosz Walczak Graph Theory and Ordering Professor, Jagiellonian University
2012-2013 Madhusudan Manjunath Combinatorial Aspects of Algebraic Geometry & Commutative Algebra Assistant Professor, IIT Bombay
2012-2014 Kit Ho Mak   Cirriculum Development Officer, Hanlun Information Limited
2013-2015 Adam Fox Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Lead Data Scientist, MassMutual
2012-2014 David Murrugarra Mathematical Biology Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky
2011-2014 Will Perkins Probability, Statistics, Computer Science, Combinatorics Birmingham Fellow, University of Birmingham
2012-2015 Antonio Cicone Numerical Analysis, Applied Mathematics Marie Curie Fellow, Università dell'Aquila
2013-2015 Kelly Bickel Several Complex Variables & Function Theory Assistant Professor, Bucknell University
2013 Chunhua Shan Differential equations and Dynamical Systems Assistant Professor, University of Toledo
2013 Rani Hod Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Algorithms Postdoc Fellow, Harvard University
2011-2013 Saikat Biswas Algebraic Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University
2013 Renato Calleja Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Physics Research Assistant Professor, IIMAS-UNAM
2011-2013 Xiaojing Ye Analysis and Numerical Methods Assistant Professor, Georgia State University
2012 Lu Xu    
2010-2013 Svetlana Poznanovik Enumerative and Algebraic Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematical Biology Assistant Professor, Clemson University
2010-2013 Mishko Mitkovski Analytic Functions Assistant Professor, Clemson University
2010-2012 Manwah Lilian Wong   Finance
2010-2011 Yen Do Harmonic Analysis, Probabilistic Analysis, Mathematical Physics. Assistant Professor, University of Virginia
2011-2012 Michelle Swenson    
2008-2010 Kevin Costello Combinatorics and Probability Assistant Professor, University of California at Riverside
2008 Yuriy Mileyko Topological and Geometric Tools Visiting Assistant Professor, Duke University
2007-2009 Hao Wang Viral Dynamics and Evolution  
2008-2009 Shengfu Deng    
2007-2009 Gordana Stojanovic   Researcher, Mathematical Institute, SASA
2008-2009 Zhenguo Liang Dynamic Systems, Differential Equations, Harmonic Analysis Associate Professor, Fudan University
2007-2008 Shuguang Ji    
2007-2009 Zhenxin Liu Stochastic Dynamics and Stochastic Differential Equations Professor, Dalian University of Technology
2008-2009 Valerie Hower Genomics, Discrete Mathematical Biology, and Probabilistic and Topological Methods in Data Analysis. Instructor, Florida Atlantic University
2009 Jean Savinien Theory of tilings, Tilings Dynamical Systems Professor, Université de Lorraine
2005-2008 Dmitriy Bilyk Harmonic Analysis, Functional Analysis, Discrepancy Theory Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
2006-2008 Sergiy Borodachov Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Approximation Theory Associate Professor, Towson University
2006-2008 Ken Baker Low Dimensional Topology,The Knot Theory of 3-Manifolds, Dehn Surgery Associate Professor, University of Miami
2006-2008 Anar Ahmadov Low-dimensional Topology, Smooth 4-manifolds, and Symplectic Topology Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
2007-2009 Gordana Stojanovic Dehn Surgery  Brown University
2007-2008 Philippe Rigollet Statistical limitations of learning under computational constraints. Associate Editor for Bernoulli, Electronic Journal of Statistics and Mathematical Statistics and Learning
2007 Luz Vela-Arevalo Hamiltonian Dynamics and Celestial Mechanics Academic Professional, Georgia Tech
2007-2008 Zdenek Dvorak Graph and Hypergraph Coloring and Generalizations of Coloring Associate Professor, Charles University
2004-2008 Nathan Geer Low Dimensional Topology, Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics Associate Professor, Utah State University