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  • Lew Lefton featured on external news

    Story Collider: Lew Lefton tries to succeed as both a math professor and a math comedian

  • Mathematics Fuels Space Exploration

    Aerospace engineers and mathematicians meet to learn the tools to make it work

    Mathematical advances can help aerospace engineers design space mission routes with lower fuel consumption.

    Space mission designers from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and mathematicians from Georgia Tech and Yeshiva University are gathering for a four-day workshop. The participants will work together in using mathematical tools to lower the fuel consumption of spacecraft through trajectory design.

  • SoM at Joint Mathematics Meeting 2018

    Georgia Tech mathematicians featured at JMM San Diego 2018

  • Tech Topology Conference

    This is the seventh annual Tech Topology Conference

  • Iban Ariza, B.S. in Discrete Mathematics

    Advice to new students: Always get seven to eight hours of sleep

    An avid soccer and golf player, Iban is graduating with a B.S. in Discrete Mathematics.

    Georgia Tech’s reputation and a family connection were the main factors that brought Iban J. Ariza all the way from Barcelona, Spain, to Atlanta, Georgia. Aspiring to be an industrial engineer, Iban knew that Tech has the top Industrial Systems Engineering program in the U.S. But at Tech he realized that industrial engineering was not his passion.