BS in Mathematics

As of Summer 2017, the School of Mathematics at Georgia Tech offers a single undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. The School's Mathematics degree provides a certification of extensive training in mathematics at one of the nation's leading scientific and technological universities. Holders of this degree are well qualified for a variety of careers in academia, business and industry, computer programming, data science, and education.

If you are currently an Applied Mathematics or Discrete Mathematics Major and are planning to graduate Fall 2017 or later, you have the option to keep your current degree, with its present requirements, or to switch to the new Mathematics degree. Freshmen who enter Tech in Summer 2017 or Fall 2017 will be in the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree program. If you have any questions about the new degree and/or concentrations, please do not hesitate to contact either Dr. Matt Baker or Dr. Enid Steinbart.

Optional concentrations
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Pure Mathematics

Students may not list more than one concentration on their transcript. Concentration requirements may also be used to satisfy the requirements for the B.S. in Mathematics.


Degree requirements (pdf)

Concentration requirements (pdf)