Permits and Waitlists

Find below all permit and waitlist instructions and guidelines for Phase I of Registration for Fall 2018. FASET 6 registration for new fall students is August 13-14.  FASET 7 registration for new fall students is August 15-16. Phase II of Registration for Fall 2018 is August 11-24.  Permit and prerequisite override requests are accepted until the day before registration closes (11:59pm on Thursday, August 23).



  • The waitlists will be carried onto Phase II of registration.
  • If a course has a waitlist, the open seats are reserved for the people on top of the waitlist. DO NOT DROP YOUR CURRENT SECTION UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE WAITLISTED .
  • The waitlist system will start issuing notifications to register on August 17th at 8 am and the last notification will be issued on August 23rd at 4 pm.
  • The School of Math does not issue course overloads.
  • Step-by-step instructions on waitlists can be found at the Registrar's webpage.
  • The School of Math only issues restricted class permits and prerequisite overrides for mathematics courses when appropriate. We do not issue overloads. Requests for permits or prereq override requests must be submitted online through the OSCAR Registration System. Access through Buzzport or OSCAR login. 
  • We DO NOT accept walk-in, telephone, or e-mail requests.
  • An auto-generated message will be sent to your GT account when your request is processed.
  • Do not contact instructors or staff. They will not be able to assist you with registration issues.



  • Prerequisite override: for a student who has not had the proper prerequisite/corequisite for a math class.
  • Restricted class permit: for a student who cannot register for a math class because of a major restriction or a class restriction.


WE DO NOT ISSUE OVERLOADS. If a section has no available seats, students can register as waitlisted. Please do not use a permit or prereq override request to ask for an overload. These requests will not be honored and will be deleted.



  • We use the Waitlist functionality of the Registration System. If a section has no available seats, students will be able to register for the waitlist of the section. If seats become available, the system will automatically issue a notification with a permission to register through email to the next student on the waitlist. Notifications are valid for a time period of 12hrs; after that time, the permission to register expires and the seat will be given to the next person on the waitlist. The waitlist system works on a first-come-first-serve basis, but we reserve the right to give waitlist priority to some degree candidates.
  • Students that register as waitlisted for a section in Phase I will retain their spot on the list for Phase II. The waitlists will not be purged between registration phases.
  • The last round of waitlist notifications will be issued at 4pm ET the day before registration closes. After 4pm ET, the waitlist option is no longer available in Buzzport/OSCAR. The waitlists will be purged on the last day of registration at 11am, and at this time, there is free-for-all registration (no waitlisting).
  • Registering on a waitlist does not guarantee that you will receive a seat in the section. You will not be registered in the course until you receive a notification and register for the course during the 12 hour period.
  • We recommend that students register for required Mathematics, English, lab sciences, computer sciences and major specific courses during Phase I. We may not able to accommodate individual schedule preferences.
  • We have restricted MATH 2106, MATH 2603, MATH 3012, MATH 3215, MATH 3235, MATH 3236, MATH 3406, MATH 4022, MATH 4032, MATH 4107, MATH 4150, MATH 4317, MATH 4320 and MATH 4640 for specific majors. See the Schedule of Classes on for details. Restrictions will be lifted on April 9th at noon. No major override permits will be issued.
  • Sections HP are only for Honors Programs students. We won't issue permits for these courses.
  • Permits and prerequisite overrides are processed independently. You may need to submit more than one type of request for a course. Requesting a permit or a prerequisite override does not guarantee that it will be granted.
  • An auto-generated message will be sent to your GT account when your permit or prereq override request is processed. You can also check your request status on OSCAR. A typical processing time for a prerequisite or permit request is three workdays. All requests received through OSCAR will be processed by noon on the last day of each registration period.
  • A student cannot attend class without being enrolled in it. If you have received a permit, you must add the section to your schedule to be enrolled in it. 
  • 4-hour Max Rule: During Phase I of registration, an undergraduate student can be registered or on waitlists for at most 4 credit hours of core math courses in one term. This restriction will be lifted on the Friday before classes begin each term. Note that FASET registration is included in Phase I. After the restriction is lifted, and if space is available, students will be able to add more than 4 hours of core math courses. The math core courses are MATH 1113, 1550, 1551, 1552, 1553, 1554, 1564, 1555, 1711, 1712, 2550, 2551, 2552, 2561, 2562. The one and only exception to the 4-hour Max Rule is the combination of MATH 1551 and MATH 1554. 
  • Sections R are for GT-Lorraine students only.  Sections QSZ are for GT-Shenzhen students only.
  • Sections QHx, Q and Q3 are video sections. Main-campus students cannot register for these video sections.
  • Sections QUP for Summer are for the SOUP
  • Most 4000 have AG and AU sections. The section ending with a "G" is for graduate students, and the section for undergraduate students ends with a "U". A graduate student does not need a prerequisite override for a 4000 level section that ends with a "G". A graduate student cannot register for a 4000 level section that ends with a "U". An undergraduate student cannot register for a 4000 level section that ends with a "G".
  • Graduate students trying to register for a 3000 level class must request a prerequisite override through OSCAR.  
  • See also the registration information page at the Registrar's site
  • If you still have questions, email the academic office.