Sample Comprehensive Exams

Posted below are old comprehensive exams and solutions for the PhD program in Math (as opposed to other PhD programs housed in the School of Mathematics).

Starting in the Spring of 2015 only the exams will be posted, the answers will be posted on the School of Mathematics' Intranet. The names in the brackets refer to the writers of the exams (who also graded the exams), and the numbers indicate the ratio of students who passed the exams.

Prior to the Spring of 2015, comprehensive exams were offered only in two subject areas.

Spring, 2017:

Fall, 2016:

Spring, 2016:

Fall, 2015:

Spring, 2015:

Practice problems for the new comprehensive exams:

Fall, 2014:

Spring, 2014:

Fall, 2013:

Spring, 2013:

Fall, 2012:

Spring, 2012:

Fall, 2011:

Spring, 2011:

Fall, 2010:

Spring, 2010:

Fall, 2009:

Spring, 2009:

Fall, 2008:

Spring, 2008:

Fall, 2007:

Spring, 2007:

Fall, 2006:

Spring, 2006:

Fall, 2005:

Spring, 2005:

Fall, 2004:

Spring, 2004:

Fall 2003:

Spring 2003 with answers. Fall 2002 with answers Fall 2001 Spring 1999: Analysis part with answers