Lincoln and Atlanta

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Thursday, January 24, 2013 - 4:30pm
1 hour (actually 50 minutes)
Clough Commons Auditorium
School of Mathematics, Alumnus

Mr. Crawford grew up near Philadelphia and has a B.S. in Applied Mathematics
from Georgia Tech. He served as an Air Force officer, retiring as a colonel in
1996. In addition to being a member of Georgia Battlefields Association and the
Civil War Round Table of Atlanta, Charlie is a life member of the Civil War

Charlie Crawford, president of Georgia Battlefields Association, explores the significance of the fall of Atlanta to Lincoln's re-election as President and examines George Barnard's photographic documentation of the battlefields around Atlanta. Crawford will discuss how land that is now a part of Georgia Tech's campus was once the site of Confederate and Federal fortifications. As president of Georgia Battlefields Association, a non-profit battlefield preservation group, Mr. Crawford has made over 95 presentations and led over 35 tours relating to the Civil War in Georgia.