Honors Calculus II

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Every fall

This course is designed for students who have had a serious single variable calculus course in high school.


HP Section - for Honors Program students only

Non-HP Section - AP Calculus BC score of 5, must apply in July

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The material will parallel that in Math 1502, but will be covered in greater depth. The main emphasis will be on linear algebra, including the solution of systems of linear equations; least-squares solutions of over-determined systems; vector spaces and linear transformations; eigenvalues, eigenvectors, and diagonalization of matrices. Topics from single variable calculus such as Taylor polynomials, infinite series, and differential equations, will be covered when they arise naturally in this discussion. Math 1512 is an excellent choice for those seeking a deeper understanding of linear algebra. It is an ideal bridge course to more advanced courses in pure and applied mathematics, and is especially valuable for entering mathematics majors and other students who will be taking advanced mathematics courses.