Transfer Credit Evaluation

Please visit the Registrar's webpage on transfer credit for information and transfer credit policy.

When your transcript arrives at the Georgia Tech (GT) Registrars Office, it is evaluated, and the awarded credit is posted to the student's academic record.

To view your transfer credit awarded, go to and follow the steps for Viewing Transfer Credit. The document contains term-by-term information on the courses you took at another school and the equivalent courses at GT.

Please review your account to verify that the credit has been awarded before requesting a duplicate transcript.

Only courses with C or higher grades will be transferred to GT. Courses taken on the pass/fail basis will not be transferred to GT. Note that the transfer credit evaluation will be done AFTER you have been admitted to GT.

A student cannot receive transfer credit for a course previously taken at Georgia Tech. Please read the transfer credit policy.

If you attended a college or university outside of the United States, you may have to get the courses evaluated by an approved outside evaluation company before going through the evaluation process on campus.

Equivalencies among Georgia Tech Math Courses

Please read the Math Course Equivalencies page for transfer courses for the old core and for the New Math Core Fall 2015.

Some Math courses may transfer as Math courses no longer taught at Georgia Tech but which are equivalent to current Math courses. (For example, MATH 2401 Calculus III (4 hours) is equivalent to MATH 2551 (4 hours) Multivariable Calculus.)

Please consult with your academic advisor about the mathematics requirement for your major.


For additional questions on undergraduate mathematics courses, contact the Academic Office.

For additional questions on graduate mathematics courses, contact the Mathematics Graduate Office.