BS/MS in Mathematics


The Georgia Tech College of Sciences BS/MS degree program enables highly motivated students with strong academic credentials to earn a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Master of Science in Mathematics. The BS/MS program prepares students for competitive career placements with higher earning potentials as well as competitive admission to Ph.D. and professional programs (including medical/law/pharmacy/dental/pharmacy schools). Thesis and non-thesis options are offered for the BS/MS program. Undergraduates with a significant amount of AP/IB/dual enrollment credits are highly encouraged to apply to the BS/MS program.


Program Requirements:

  • Students who are currently working toward a BS in Mathematics should apply to the combined BS/MS program once they have earned at least 30 credit hours, but no more than 90 (including transfer credit).
  • A minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.3 is required for admission to the program. Students must graduate with their BS with a GPA of at least 3.0 to continue to the MS portion of their studies, and must earn a minimum GPA of 2.7 to graduate with their MS as well as earning a C or better in each math course in the program.
  • Students should complete 6 credit hours of coursework that can be counted toward both the BS and MS degrees. This coursework must consist of non-research, non-seminar MATH courses at the 4000-level, and must be completed with a minimum grade of B.
  • All students may choose to complete an additional 6 credit hours of approved graduate coursework in Mathematics (at least 6000-level, not research or seminar credit, not Math 6701 or 6702) before completing their BS. These credits will be applied to the MS degree, so long as they were NOT applied to the BS degree.
  • For the MS thesis option, students must identify a MS thesis advisor before completing their BS degree. Students pursuing this option are encouraged to begin undergraduate research early, however any research described in an undergraduate thesis may not be used in the MS thesis.

Important: In order to apply any coursework completed during the BS to the MS degree (the 6 shared credit hours or the further 6 hours of graduate coursework that would count only towards the MS), the student must complete the bachelor's degree with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher and complete the master’s degree within a two-year period from the award date of the bachelor’s degree.



The BS/MS Mathematics program application is now available.  Please apply through Graduate Admission Application ( and select the BS/MS Math degree.  There is no application fee.

For the Fall 2025 admission cycle, the application deadline will be December 15, 2024. The upper credit limit listed in the Program Requirements will be in place.

Students who had taken over 90 credits at Georgia Tech prior to the Fall 2022 semester are eligible to apply to the program.  Students who anticipate taking 90 credits before their year of graduation should contact Hunter Lehmann or Chris Jankowski before reaching 90 credits to discuss applying to the program.


Program of Study:

BS in Mathematics: Students must complete all normal requirements for a BS in Mathematics as detailed in the academic catalog ( For more details on this program, please visit the GaTech Mathematics website.

Note that the 6 credits double counted between the BS and MS degrees will come from the upper level math electives or core requirements. Courses double counted for the BS/MS in math may not also be counted towards a minor or secondary undergraduate major.


MS in Mathematics: Students must complete all usual requirements for the MS in Mathematics ( In particular, students may choose between the thesis or non-thesis options for the degree, outlined below.

Course Requirements:

Analysis Concentration (6 credits):

Select two of MATH 6321, *6337, *6338, 6580, 7334, 7337, 7338. *At least one of 6337 or 6338 is required

Breadth Requirement (6 credits):

At least one class in two different areas of study, as listed in the catalog.

Free Electives (9 credits):

9 free credits at the 4000 level or above .

Thesis or Coursework Option (9 credits):

9 credits of MATH 9000, OR 9 further credits of coursework at the 6000+ level, 6 credits of which must be in Mathematics.

Note that Math 6701 or 6702 are not applicable toward the MS in Mathematics.



For questions about the BS portion of the program, please contact your major advisor.

For questions about the MS portion of the program, please contact Chris Jankowski at

For general academic questions, please contact



  • What is the cost of the MS portion of the program?
  • What is full-time status for graduate students and do international MS students have to be full-time?
    • Full-time status for graduate students is 12 credits/semester, and F-1/J-1 students do need to be enrolled full-time unless they have an approved reduced course load.  MS students may apply for reduced course load during their semester of graduation.  The OIE website here has detailed rules.
  • When will I hear back about acceptance?
    • Ordinarily, all students are notified by April 15.  
  • Is the GRE required for application?
    • No, it is optional.
  • How many letters of recommendation are needed to apply?
    • One letter of recommendation is required.
  • Are all application materials due by the deadline?
    • Yes - we cannot guarantee that anything received after the deadline will be considered.
  • Are there spring admissions to the BS/MS program?
    • At present, there are only fall admissions.