Undergraduate Programs

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree at Georgia Tech offers undergraduate students the opportunity to learn both theoretical and applied aspects of mathematics at one of the nation's leading scientific and technological universities.  Mathematics is central to many modern advances in science and technology, and a Mathematics degree from Georgia Tech can be used as a springboard for many possible careers.  The Georgia Tech School of Mathematics also offers a Minor in Mathematics and numerous opportunities for undergraduate research.


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

As of Summer 2017, the School of Mathematics at Georgia Tech offers a single undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics.  Students pursuing the BS in Mathematics may add one of four optional concentrations in Applied Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, Probability & Statistics, and Pure Mathematics.  A BS in Mathematics from Georgia Tech is excellent preparation not only for graduate school and a career in academia / education, but also for jobs in many different quantitative fields such as actuarial science, biostatistics, and cryptography.


Minor in Mathematics

For those students who would like to emphasize mathematics in their coursework, but who do not choose to fulfill the requirements for a full bachelor's degree, there is the option of pursuing a Minor in Math.


BS/MS in Mathematics

The Georgia Tech College of Sciences BS/MS degree program enables highly motivated students with strong academic credentials to earn a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Master of Science in Mathematics. The BS/MS program prepares students for competitive career placements with higher earning potentials as well as competitive admission to Ph.D. and professional programs (including medical/law/pharmacy/dental/pharmacy schools). Thesis and non-thesis options are offered for the BS/MS program. Undergraduates with a significant amount of AP/IB/dual enrollment credits are highly encouraged to apply to the BS/MS program.


Current Students

We strive to help our students at every stage of their mathematical career at Georgia Tech.

There are tutoring and computing resources which all math students (both math majors and other students enrolled in math courses) can use.

The Undergraduate advisor assists students with administrative tasks such as course selection, changes of major, transfer credit, and degree petitions. We also have excellent resources for students considering graduate school in math.

There are many opportunities for math students to enrich and expand their educational experiences,

  • Honors Courses
  • Seminars
  • Grading
  • Co-Op programs


Undergraduate Research

  • REU opportunities: Undergraduate students are invited to apply for an eight-week research program sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Program participants will receive a summer stipend of approximately $5000 to conduct mathematical research under the supervision of a professor.
  • Undergraduate Research Semester: In addition to our Summer REU program, students can pursue research with a professor for a full semester (in Spring, Summer, or Fall). This can be either for course credit, or where the professor has funds from a research grant, paid research without course credit.

Each year the School of Mathematics has about 15 to 20 percent of its students in the co-op program or the Internship program. These students are employees for a company one semester and return to their studies the following one. Currently, students are co-oping at software and energy companies, among others. Students intern for one or more semesters, possibly with different employers.

Regardless of the degree you are interested in, the School of Math encourages you to seek a level of academic performance that challenges you. Email academics@math.gatech.edu for more information