Postdoctoral Programs

The Hale Postdoctoral Fellowship at Georgia Tech is central to the recent expansion of the thriving postdoctoral program in the School of Mathematics at Georgia Tech. The Hale Postdoc program was established in 2013 and is supported through generous funding from the College of Sciences at Georgia Tech. It comes with a three-year appointment as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the School and a reduced teaching load in the first year. The fellowship also includes research funding for travel and expenses.

Hale postdoctoral fellows have one or more faculty hosts or mentors, and are members of a larger postdoctoral fellowship program in the School. This program not only facilitates research exchange through connections with other faculty, postdocs, and students in the School of Mathematics, the College of Science, and broader Institute, but also provides opportunities that support professional development and excellence in teaching.

The Hale postdoctoral fellowship is a competitive fellowship, and as part of an annual cycle we invite outstanding junior researchers in all areas of mathematics and statistics to apply. Applications are usually due in early November (please see for the specific ad).

Below we list some information on recent and current Hale postdoctoral fellows.

For a full list of Past Postdoctoral Programs click here.

Hale Postdoctoral Fellows



Research Area


2019-    Han Huang Geometric Functional Analysis, Measure Concentration, Random Matrices Current Hale Visiting Assistant Professor
2019- Victor Vilaca Da Rocha Linear and Nonlinear Waves Current Hale Visiting Assistant Professor
2020-  Beibei Liu    Hale Visiting Assistant Professor, joining in 2020
2019-    Loving, Marissa   Current NSF postdoc/ SoM-Hale Visiting Assist. Prof.
2018- Chen, Justin commutative algebra;  (numerical) algebraic geometry and combinatorics. Current Hale Visiting Assistant Professor
2018- Han, Rui  mathematical physics, also  harmonic analysis and PDEs. Current Hale Visiting Assistant Professor
2016-2018 Amalia Culiuc Harmonic Analysis Assistant Professor, Amherst College
2017- Yan, Xukai Nonlinear partial differential equations and applications,  theoretical research on fluid equations Current Hale Visiting Assistant Professor
2016-19 Srinivasan, Padmavathi Algebraic geometry and number theory Postdoc at UGA
2015-19 Jin, Jiayin  Partial Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems. Faculty position, Schuan University, China
2016-19 Strenner, Balazs low-dimensional topology and geometric group theory. Deep Learning Engineer, Continental
2017-19 Brito, Gerandy Probability Theory and its Applications Computer Science Lecturer, Georgia Tech
2016-2018 Amalia Culiuc Harmonic Analysis Assistant Professor, Amherst College
2013-2016 Chen, Geng  Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Fluid Dynamics Assistant Professor, University of Kansas
2015-16 Islak, Umit Concentration of Measure Inequalities, Stein’s Method Assistant Professor, Bogazici University 
2013-2016 Barone, Salvador  Real Algebraic Geometry  Academic Professional, Georgia Tech
2014-2017 Wang, Chi-Jen  Modeling of Spatial Epidemics, Autocatalysis Assistant Professor, National Chung Cheng University
2014-2016 Holmes, Irina  Dyadic Hamronic Analysis, Weighted Inequalities, Multiparameter Hamronic Analysis NSF Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellow MSU/ Assistant Professor Texas A&M
2013-2016 Jun Kim, Seong  Numerical Analysis Samsung, South Korea