Postdoctoral Programs

The Hale Postdoctoral Fellowship at Georgia Tech is central to the recent expansion of the thriving postdoctoral program in the School of Mathematics at Georgia Tech. The Hale Postdoc program was established in 2013 and is supported through generous funding from the College of Sciences at Georgia Tech. It comes with a three-year appointment as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the School and a reduced teaching load in the first year. The fellowship also includes research funding for travel and expenses.

Hale postdoctoral fellows have one or more faculty hosts or mentors, and are members of a larger postdoctoral fellowship program in the School. This program not only facilitates research exchange through connections with other faculty, postdocs, and students in the School of Mathematics, the College of Science, and broader Institute, but also provides opportunities that support professional development and excellence in teaching. 
The Hale postdoctoral fellowship is a competitive fellowship, and as part of an annual cycle we invite outstanding junior researchers in all areas of mathematics and statistics to apply. Applications are usually due in early November (please see for the specific ad).
Below we list some information on recent and current Hale postdoctoral fellows.


There are additional postdoc training opportunities in School of Mathematics. 
Geometry and Topology at Georgia Tech is supported by Research Training Groups in Mathematical Science (RTG) from NSF. 
Southeast Center for Mathematics and Biology is an NSF-Simons Research Center for Mathematics of Complex Biological Systems. 

The general expectation for postdocs can be found at the institutional page at


School of Math, Employment opportunity page as well as has more information on how to apply.


Postdoctoral Scholars
Year Start/End  Name Mentor Named PostDoc Research Area First Position after Postdoc at GT Current Position
2024-Jan Gorski, Christian M.Damron Hale Probability/Statistics    
2023 Callis, Keaga A.Blumenthal Hale Dynamical Systems Current  
2023 Hao, Yanli X. Yu Hale  Combinatorics Current  
2023 He,Ye M.Tao Hale Machine Learning Current  
2023 Kafer, Sean X. Yu or G. Blekherman   Combinatorics Current  
2023 Moutinho-Neto, Abdon Gong Chen Hale PDE Current  
2023 Mui, Stephanie G.Livshitz Hale Analysis Current  
2023 Powell, Matthew M.Loss Hale Analysis/MathPhyiscs Current  
2023 Shubin, Andrei A.Dunn   Number Theory Current  
2023 Wessels, Lukas A.Swiech Hale PDE Current  
2023 Yap, Corinne T.Kelly (W.Perkins (CS), Heitsch)   Combinatorics Current  
Spring 2023- Powell, Matthew Jitomirskaya     Current  
2022- Al-Ahmadieh, Abeer  J. Yu & Blekherman Hale Algebra Current  
2022- Athanasouli, Christina Kuske Hale   Current  
2022- Dey, Papri Blekherman     Current  
2022- Dickmann, Ryan Margalit RTG   Current  
2022- Ding, Changxin Baker     Current  
2022-2023 Hatinoglu, Burak Jitomirskaya        
2022- Huynh, Manh Kang Pan Hale PDEs  Current  
2022- Kim, Daesung Houdre   Probability Current  
2022- Kim, Soon Ho Choi   Computational Neuroscience Current  
2022- Kumar, Rahul Kuske   Structural Dynamics, Energy Harvesting Current  
2022- Legried, Brandon Heitsch SCMB   Current  
2022-2023 Sane, Abdul Karim Margalit   Geometry/Topology Current  
2022- Smith-Roberge, Evelyn Bernshteyn     Current  
2022- Sun, Ruoci Lin      Current  
2022- Walsh, Zachary X.Yu & M.Baker Hale Combinatorics Current  
2022-2023 Saglam, Kadriye Etnyre Fellowship from Turkey contact and symplectic topology University of Georgia, instructor   
2021- Christian, Austin Etnyre RTG  Contact/Symplectic Geometry and Topology Current  
2021-2023 Herscovici, Orli Livshyts   Orthogonal Polynomials, Combinatorics, and Number Theory    
2021- Irvine, Daniel Blekherman SCMB Topology and Symplectic Geometry  Current  
2021- Lee, Hwi Liu/Dieci Hale Applied and Computational Mathematics Current  
2021- Ruys de Perez, Alexander Dimitrova Math. Cal Poly/Kemp GT BME SCMB Intersection of Math and Biology Current  
2021- Shirani, Farshad Choi   Mathematical Biology, Computational Neuroscience, and Control Theory Current  
2021- Simone, Jonathan Etnyre   Low-dimensional Topology Current  
2021-23 Timko, Edward Li   Operator Theory and Operator Algebras TT at Univ Windsor  
2021- Turner, Hannah Etnyre RTG Low-dimensional Topology and Knot Theory Current  
2021-2023 Vempati, Naga Manasa Jaye   Harmonic Analysis, PDEs, and Complex Analysis of Several Variables TT at LSU  
2021-2023 Wheeler, Ashley J. Yu Hale Combinatorial Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry    
2020-2023 Gonzalez, Jorge de la Llave NSF-MSPRF Dynamical Systems    
2020-2023 Liu, Beibei Hom/Belegradek Hale Geometry    
2020-2023 Ozdemir, Alperen Damron Hale Probability Postdoc at KTH  
2020-2023 Petrosyan, Armenak Heil Hale Analysis    
2020- Su, Yaofeng Bunimovich Hale Dynamical Systems Current.   
2020-2022 Verberne, Yvon Margalit   Geometry    
2020-2023 Wang, Zhiyu X.Yu and Tetali Hale Combinatorics TT at LSU  
2019-2023 Bloomquist, Wade T.Le RTG Quantum Topology TT at Morningside Univ  
2019-2022 Cruz Ortega, Daniel Dimitrova Math. Cal Poly/Kemp GT BME SCMB Multiscale, Computational Models of Biological Systems Postdoc at Un Florida  
2019-2022 Huang, Han Tikhomirov Hale Geometric Functional Analysis Postdoc at MIT  
2019-2023 Kuzbary, Miriam Hom RTG + NSF postdoc Low-dimensional Topology TT at Amherst (Univ MA)  
2019-2022 Lin, Bo Greg Blekherman   Tropical Geometry, Combinatorics    
2019-2023 Loving, Marissa Hom, Margalit Hale Low-dimensional Topology & Mapping Class Groups Un Wisconsin  
2019-2022 Saaidi, Afaf Christine Heitsch   RNA Structural Biology    
2019-2022 Vilaca Da Rocha, Victor de la Llave Hale Hamiltonian PDEs, Nonlinear Behaviors, Binormal Flow Equations    
2020-2021 Krishna, Siddhi  Hom/Etnyre RTG Geometry NSF Postdoctoral Fellow and Ritt Assistant Professor at Columbia University NSF Postdoctoral Fellow and Ritt Assistant Professor at Columbia University
2019-2021 Cui, Jianbo Zhou/Dieci   Regularity Analysis and Numerical Differential Equations Assistant Professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University Assistant Professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University
2019-2021 Banos Cervantes, Hector Heitsch   Mathematical Phylogeny Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Comparative Genomics & Evolutionary Bioinformatics at Dalhousie University Postdoctoral Fellow, Dalhousie University
2018-2021 Park, JungHwan Hom   Knot Theory and Low Dimensional Topology Assistant Professor at KAIST Assistant Professor at KAIST
2018-2021 Justin Chen Leykin Hale Commutative Algebra, Numerical Algebraic Geometry and Combinatorics ICERM Bridge Postdoc Unknown
2018-2021 Liu, Hao Liao   High Dimensional Functional Analysis Assistant Professor at Hong Kong Baptist University Assistant Professor at Hong Kong Baptist University
2020-2020 Friedenberg, Natanel Baker   Algebraic Geometry   Visiting Faculty, Tulane University School of Science and Engineering
2019-2020 Hao, Jing Livshyts   Coding Theory and Information Theory   Research Scientist, Yahoo
2019-2020 Beardsley, Jonathan Wickelgren->Etnyre RTG Algebraic Topology, Derived Noncommutative Algebraic Geometry  University of Nevada, Reno Assistant Professor of Mathematics, University of Nevada, Reno
2019-2019 Philipp Jell Rabinoff -> Baker   Algebraic Geometry Postdoc at SFB/CRC Higher Invariants at University of Regensburg Data Scientist, Technologisches Institut für angewandte Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH. Weiden, Deutschland.
2018-2020 Han, Rui Loss Hale Math Physics/Analysis Tenure Track Job at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University
2018-2020 Len, Yoav Baker   Algebraic Geometry a tenure-track position at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland Lecturer in Pure Mathematics, University of St. Andrews
2018-2020 Pereira, Luis Wickelgren (Etnyre was also listed here, but this was Wickelgren's postdoc)   Algebraic Topology Postdoc, Duke University Unknown
2018-2019 Yoon, Iris Heitsch NIH Applied Topology Postdoc, U Penn Postdoctoral researcher at the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford
2017-2020 Kordek, Kevin Margalit RTG Topology/Alg. Geom.   Unknown
2017-2020 Serdukova, Larissa Kuske   Stochastic differential e Research Associate at the University of Reading, UK Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Applied Mathematics, University of Leicester
2017-2020 Yan, Xukai Ronghua Pan/ Yao Yao Hale Partial Differential Equations   Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University Department of Mathematics
2017-2019 Brito, Gerandy Damron Hale Probability Lecturer at the College of Computing, GT Lecturer, Georgia Institute of Technology College of Computing
2017-2019 Eslava, Laura Warnke   Probability/Combinatorics TT position at IIMAS-UNAM in Mexico City Assistant Professor, IIMADS-UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico
2017-2019 Lambert-Cole, Peter Etnyre   Contact and Symplectic Topology Max Planck Institute in Bonn, Germany Assistant Professor, University of Georgia Department of Mathematics
2017-2019 Souza, Andre Tao Impact Computational Mathematics Research Scientist at MIT Research Scientist, MIT Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
2017-2018 Podder, Moumanti Tetali   Discrete Mathematics Postdoc, U. of Washington, then Postdoc NYU-Shanghai 2018-2021 Assistant Professor of Practice in Mathematics at NYU Shanghai
2016-2020 Leverson, Caitlin Etnyre NSF postdoc Contact/Symplectic Top Tenure-track at Bard College Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Bard
2016-2019 Northington, Michael Heil/Nitzan Impact Harmonic Analysis Principal Data Scientist at UnitedHealth Group in Atlanta, GA. Principal Data Scientist at UnitedHealth Group in Atlanta, GA.
2016-2019 Srinivasan, Padmavathi Baker/Wickelgren Hale Number theory and Algebraic Geometry Post doc at UGA Senior Research Scientist, ICERM
2016-2019 Strenner, Balazs Margalit Hale Low-dimensional Topology Deep Learning Engineer, Continental Senior Deep Learning Engineer, Continental Budapest, Hungary
2016-2018 Corsi, Livia de la Llave   Dynamical systems, Hamiltonian PDE Assoc Prof. at Univ. Roma 3 Associate Professor, Roma Tre University
2016-2018 Culiuc, Amalia Wick/Lacey Hale Harmonic Analysis Assistant Professor, Amherst College Visiting Assistant Professor, Brown University
2016-2018 Kesler, Robert Lacey Impact Analysis, plus Electrical Engineering Staff Scientist at Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc Unknown
2015-2019 Jin, Jiayin Lin/Yao Hale PDEs/Dynamical Systems TT position at Sichuan University of China;(2020) Unknown
2015-2018 Bernstein, Megan Heitsch, Tetali Impact Combinatorics and Probability Research Staff Member at IDA CCR La Jolla Unknown
2015-2018 Greenwood, Torin Baker Impact Analytic Combinatorics Assistant Professor, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Assistant Professor, North Dakota State University
2015-2018 Smith, Heather   Impact Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Complexity Theory Assistant Professor, Davidson College Assistant Professor, Davidson College
2015-2017 Barerra-Cruz, Fidel Trotter   Problems Related to Dimension of Posets Google Unknown
2015-2017 Frederick, Christina Zhou Impact Applied and Numerical Analysis, Multi-Scale Modeling; Inverse Problems Assistant Professor, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Assistant Professor, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)
2015-2016 Islak, Umit Houdre Hale Concentration of Measure Inequalities, Stein's Method Assistant Professor, Bogazici University Associate Professor, Bogazici University
2015-2016 Wang, Xuan Houdre   Probability Theory Data Scientist, DataBricks Senior Data Scientist, Databricks
2015-2016 Hanson, Jack Damron   Probability Theory Assistant Professor, City College of NY Assistant Professor, City College of NY Department of Mathematics
2014-2017 Sinn, Rainer Blekherman   Convex Algebraic Geom Junior-Professor, Freie Universitat Berlin Professor for Applied Algebra, Universitat Leipzig Mathematics Institute
2014-2017 Wang, Chi-Jen Bunimovich Hale Modeling of Spatial Epidemics, Autocatalysis Assistant Professor, National Chung Cheng University Associate Professor, National Chung Cheng University
2014-2017 Yashtini, Maryam Kang Impact Numerical Analysis & Computational Optimization Assistant Professor, Georgetown University Assistant Professor, Georgetown University Department of Mathematics and Statistics
2014-2016 Gignac, William Baker   Complex and Nonarchimedean Fields Postdoctoral Researcher at Ecole polytechnique  Postdoctoral Researcher, Ecole Polytechnique in France
2014-2016 Holmes, Irina Wick/Lacey Hale Dyadic Harmonic Analysis NSF Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellow Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University Department of Mathematics
2014-2016 Manetta, Manuela Dieci/Zhou   Global Optimization Lecturer, Emory College of Arts & Sciences Assistant Teaching Professor, Emory University
2014-2016 Moore, James     Mathematical Immunology Research Fellow, Emory University Lead Data Scientist, SmartCommerce
2014-2016 Wang, Chunmei Zhou   Numerical Analysis Assistant Professor, Texas State University Assistant Professor, University of Florida Department of Mathematics
2014-2015 Canadell, Marta de la Llave   Computational & Rigoro Data Analyst and SEM Strategist, Cyberclick Data Analyst and SEM Strategist, Cyberclick
2014-2015 Walczak, Bartosz Trotter   Graph Theory and Ordering Professor, Jagiellonian University Professor, Jagiellonian University
2013-2017 Barone, Salvador Blekherman Hale Real Algebraic Geometry Academic Professional, Georgia Tech Academic Professional & Director of Communications, Georgia Institute of Technology School of Mathematics
2013-2016 Chen, Geng Pan Hale Analysis, Partial Differential Equations Assistant Professor, University of Kansas Associate Professor, University of Kansas Department of Mathematics
2013-2016 Jun Kim, Seong Zhou Hale Numerical Analysis Samsung, South Korea Senior Data Scientist, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance
2013-2015 Abuzzahab, Omar Tetali Hale Probability Theory Self-employed Unknown
2013-2015 Ferrer, Pere Menal Le Hale Algebra, Geometry and Topology, Number Theory Data Scienti Lead Data Scientist, Stuart
2013-2015 Fox, Adam de la Llave   Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Lead Data Scientist VP, MassMutual Head of Distribution Technology and Data Science, MassMutual
2013-2015 Bickel, Kelly     Several Complex Variables & Function Theory Assistant Professor, Bucknell University Associate Professor of Mathematics, Bucknell University
2013-2014 Shan, Chunhua     Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems Assistant Professor, University of Toledo Associate Professor, The University of Toledo Department of Mathematics and Statistics
2013-2014 Hod, Rani     Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Algorithms Postdoc Fellow, Harvard University Senior Teacher Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv Unversity
2013-2014 Calleja, Renato de la Llave   Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Physics Associate Professor, IIMAS, Unam, MX Associate Professor, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Department of Mathematics and Mechanics
2012-2015 Cicone, Antonio Zhou   Numerical Analysis, Applied Mathematics Marie Curie Fellow, Università dell'Aquila Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Universita degli Studi dell'Aquila
2012-2014 Mak, Kit Ho     Algebraic Number Theory Cirriculum Development Officer, Hanlun Information Limited Unknown
2012-2014 Murrugarra, David     Mathematical Biology Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky Associate Professor, University of Kentucky
2012-2013 Manjunath, Madhusudan     Combinatorial Aspects of Algebraic Geometry & Commutative Algebra Assistant Professor, IIT Bombay Assistant Professor Depatment of Mathematics, IIT Bombay
2012-2013 Xu, Lu Yi   Hamiltonian Dynamics and KAM Theory Associate Professor, Jilin University Associate Professor, Jilin University
2011-2014 Perkins, Will Tetali   Probability, Statistics, Computer Science, Combinatorics Birmingham Fellow, University of Birmingham Associate Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology School of Comuter Science
2011-2013 Biswas, Saikat     Algebraic Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry Instructional Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University Instructional Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University
2011-2013 Ye, Xiaojing     Analysis and Numerical Methods Assistant Professor, Georgia State University Associate Professor, Georgia State University Department of Mathematics and Statistics
2011-2012 Swenson, Michelle     Combinatorial Problems, RNA Secondary Structure Visiting Assistant Professor, Emory University Lecturer, University of Tennessee Knoxville
2010-2013 Mitkovski, Mishko     Analytic Functions Assistant Professor, Clemson University Associate Professor, Clemson Univesity School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
2010-2013 Poznanovik, Svetlana     Enumerative and Algebric Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematical Biology Assistant Professor, Clemson University Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Clemson University School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
2010-2012 Wong, Manwah Lilian     Analysis, Orthogonal Polynomials, Spectral Theory Software Engineer Unknown
2010 -2011 Do, Yen     Harmonic Analysis, Probabilistic Analysis, Mathematical Physics Assistant Professor, University of Virginia Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Virginia
2009-2010 Savinien, Jean Bellissard   Theory of tilings, Tilings Dynamical Systems Professor, Université de Lorraine Academic Director-BSc Data Science for Responsible Business, Emlyon Business School
2008-2010 Costello, Kevin     Combinatorics and Probability Assistant Professor, University of California at Riverside Associate Teaching Professor of, University of California at Riverside
2008-2009 Deng, Shengfu     Dynamical Systems Professor, Huaqia University Professor, Huaqia University
2008-2009 Liang, Zhenguo     Dynamic Systems, Differential Equations, Harmonic Analysis Associate Professor, Fudan University Associate Professor, Fudan University
2008-2009 Hower, Valerie Heitsch   Genomics, Discrete Math NSF Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellow (at UC Berkeley) Associate Teaching Professor, Northeastern University
2008-2009 Mileyko, Yuriy     Topological and Geome Visiting Assistant Professor, Duke University Associate Professor, University of Hawaii Department of Mathematics
2007-2009 Wang, Hao     Viral Dynamics and Evolution Associate Professor, University of Alberta Associate Professor, University of Alberta 
2007-2009 Stojanovic, Gordana Ghomi   Differential Geometry and Topology Brown University Unknown
2007-2009 Liu, Zhenxin     Stochastic Dynamics and Stochastic Differential Equations Professor, Dalian University of Technology Professor, Dalian University of Technology
2007-2008 Ji, Shuguan     Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems Professor, Jilin University Professor, Jilin University
2007-2008 Rigollet, Philippe Koltchinskii   Statistical limitations of learning under computational constraints Associate Editor for Bernoulli, Electronic Journal of Statistics and Mathematical Statistics and Learning Professor of Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2007-2008 Dvorak, Zdenek     Graph and Hypergraph Coloring and Generalizations of Coloring Associate Professor, Charles University Professor, Computer Science Institute of Charles University, Prague
2007-2008 Vela-Arevalo, Luz     Hamiltonian Dynamics and Celestial Mechanics Academic Professional, Georgia Tech Professor of Mathematics, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lusanne
2006-2008 Borodachov, Sergiy     Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Approximation Theory Associate Professor, Towson University Associate Professor of Mathematics, Towson University
2006-2008 Baker, Ken Etnyre   Low Dimensional Topology, The Knot Theory of 3-Manifolds, Dehn Surgery Associate Professor, University of Miam Professor, University of Miami
2006-2008 Ahmadov, Anar Etnyre FRG Low-dimensional Topology, Smooth 4-Manifolds, and Symplectic Topology Associate Professor, University of Minnesota Professor, Leiden University
2005-2008 Bilyk, Dmitriy     Harmonic Analysis, Functional Analysis, Discrepancy Theory Associate Professor, University of Minnesota Professor, University of Minnesota
2004 -2008 Geer, Nathan Garufalidis/Le Vigre Low Dimensional Topology, Representaion Theory, and Mathematical Physics Associate Professor, Utah State University Professor, Utah State University
2004-2008  Pacini, Tommaso Gangbo Vigre PDE    
2004-2008 Demers, Marc Bunimovich Vigre Dyn Systems Assistant Professor,Univ of Richmond Univ of Richmond