Here is the complete list of all doctoral dissertations granted by the School of Math, which dates back to 1965. Included below are also all masters theses produced by our students since 2002. A combined listing of all dissertations and theses, going back to 1934, is available at Georgia Tech's library archive. For the post PhD employment of our graduates see our Alumni Page.


Doctoral Dissertations

Date Title (external link) Author Advisor
Spring 2024 Toric and Tropical Geometry: Positivity and Completion Cai, May Yu, J.
Spring 2024 Random subsequences problems : asymptotics, variance, and quantum statistics Deslandes, Clement Houdre, C.
Spring 2024 The Second Rational Homology of the Torelli Group Minahan, Daniel Margalit, D. and Hom, J.
Spring 2024 Numerical Methods for Optimal Transport Problems Omarov, Daniyar Dieci, L.
Spring 2024 Topology, Geometry, and Combinatorics of Fine Curve Graphs Shapiro, Roberta Margalit, D. and Etnyre, J.
Spring 2024 Algebraic Methods in Optimization Shu, Kevin Blekherman, G.
Spring 2024 Computational models for bacterial dynamics in community and treatment contexts Sundius, Sarah Kuske, R. and Brown, S. (BIOL)
Fall 2023 Improving Foundation Models Komatsuzaki, Aran Matzinger, H.
Fall 2023 Mathematical Approaches to Identification problems -- Counting, RNA folding, and PDE identification Tang Rajchel, Mengyi Kang, S.
Summer 2023 Symmetric nonnegative forms and sums of squares: mean roads to infinity Acevedo, Jose Blekherman, G.
Summer 2023 Unfoldings of Convex Polyhedra Barvinok, Nicholas Ghomi, M.
Summer 2023 Improving and maximal inequalities in discrete harmonic analysis Giannitsi, Christina Lacey, M.
Summer 2023 Divisors and multiplicities under tropical and signed shadows Gunn, Trevor Baker, M.
Summer 2023 Set Images and Convexity Properties of Convolutions for Sum Sets and Difference Sets Lee, Chi-Nuo Croot, E.
Summer 2023 Constructions and Invariants of High-Dimensional Legendrian Submanifolds Roy, Agniva Etnyre, J.
Summer 2023 Two graph classes with bounded chromatic number Schroeder, Joshua Yu, X.
Summer 2023 Informed Sampling in Discrete Space, and its Applications Sun, Haoran Koltchinskii, V.
Summer 2023 Some global relaxation methods for quadratic and semidefinite programming Sun, Shengding Blekherman, D. and Dey, S. (ISYE)
Summer 2023 Functional Ito Calculus for Levy Processes (With a View Towards Mathematical Finance) Viquez Bolanos, Jorge Aurelio Houdre, C.
Summer 2023 Tutte paths and even covers Wigal, Michael Yu, X.
Summer 2023 Theory and computation of Wasserstein geometric flows with application to time-dependent Schrodinger equation Wu, Hao Zhou, H.
Summer 2023 Matroids, Matrices, and Partial Hyperstructures Zhang, Tianyi Baker, M. and Lorscheid, O. (University of Groningen)
Summer 2023 Applications of the filtered mapping cone surgery formulas in Heegaard Floer homology Zhou, Hongyi Hom, J.
Summer 2023 A finite difference method on irregular grids with local second order ghost point extension for solving Maxwell's Equations around curved PEC objects Zou, Haiyu Liu, Y.
Spring 2023 Frames via Unilateral Iterations of Bounded Operators Bailey, Victor Heil, C.
Spring 2023 Homology Cobordism and Smooth Knot Concordance Collins, Sarah Hom, J.
Spring 2023 First passage percolation: exceptional events and asymptotic behavior of invasion restricted geodesics Harper, David Damron, M.
Spring 2023 Counting Hamiltonian cycles in planar triangulations Liu, Xiaonan Yu, X.
Spring 2023 Online Learning with a View toward Fairness Salem, Jad Gupta, S.
Spring 2023 Classical Optimization to Improve Variational Quantum Algorithms Tate, Reuben Gupta, S.
Spring 2023 Quantum trace maps for skein algebras Yu, Tao Le, T.
Summer 2022 Invariance principle of random matrix Duan, Juntao Matzinger, H. and Popescu, I.
Summer 2022 Contact geometric theory of Anosov flows in dimension three and related topics Hozoori, Surena Etnyre, J.
Summer 2022 A Novel Delay Differential Equation Model of the Germinal Center Reaction and an Algorithm for Minimum Length Surveillance Paths Ide, Benjamin Kang, S.
Summer 2022 Algebraic and semi-algebraic invariants on quadrics Jung, Jaewoo Blekherman, G.
Summer 2022 New Numerical And Computational Methods Leveraging Dynamical Systems Theory For Multi-Body Astrodynamics Kumar, Bhanu de la Llave, R.
Summer 2022 Capillary Gravity Water Wave Linearized at Monotone Shear Flows: Eigenvalue and Inviscid Damping Liu, Xiao Zeng, C.
Summer 2022 Learning Dynamics from Data Using Optimal Transport Techniques and Applications Ma, Shaojun Zhou, H.
Summer 2022 Application of The Circle Method in Five Number Theory Problems Mousavi, Hamed Croot, E.
Summer 2022 On embeddings of 3-manifolds in symplectic 4-manifolds Mukherjee, Anubhav Etnyre, J.
Summer 2022 Non-separating Paths in Graphs Qian, Yingjie Yu, X.
Summer 2022 Trellis Decoding And Applications For Quantum Error Correction Sabo, Eric Harrell, E.
Summer 2022 Factorization theorems and canonical representations for generating functions of special sums Schmidt, Maxie Yu, J.
Summer 2022 Shortest closed curve to inspect a sphere Wenk, James Ghomi, M.
Summer 2022 Erdos-Posa theorems for undirected group-labelled graphs Yoo, Youngho Yu, X.
Summer 2022 Matching problems in hypergraphs Yuan, Xiaofan Yu, X.
Spring 2022 Duality Between Deep Learning And Algorithm Design Chen, Xinshi Song, L.
Spring 2022 Dual representations of polynomial modules with applications to partial differential equations Harkonen, Marc Leykin, A.
Spring 2022 Stability and Instability of the Kelvin-Stuart Cat's Eyes Flow to the 2D Euler's Equations Liao, Shasha Lin, Z.
Spring 2022 Numerical computation and analysis related to optimal transport theory Liu, Shu Zhou, H.
Spring 2022 A Self-limiting Hawkes Process: Interpretation, Estimation, and Use in Modeling Olinde, John Short, M.
Spring 2022 Optimal Motion Planning and Computational Optimal Transport Sun, Haodong Kang, S. and Zhou, H.
Spring 2022 Heat kernel and geometry of metric measure spaces with Ricci curvature lower bounds Zhu, Xingyu Belegradek, I.
Fall 2021 Domains of analyticity and Gevrey estimates of tori in weakly dissipative systems Perez Bustamante, Adrian de la Llave, R.
Fall 2021 The Extremal Function for K10 Minors Zhu, Dantong Thomas, R. and Yu, X.
Summer 2021 Physical Billiards and Open Dynamical Systems Attarchi, Hassan Bunimovich, L.
Summer 2021 Multiscale Problems in Mechanics: Spin Dynamics, Structure-Preserving Integration, and Data-Driven Methods Chen, Renyi Tao, M. and Li, G.
Summer 2021 Applications of monodromy in solving polynomial systems Duff, Timothy Leykin, A.
Summer 2021 Algorithmic approaches to problems in probabilistic combinatorics Guo, He Warnke, L.
Summer 2021 Polyhedral and tropical geometry in nonlinear algebra Hill, Cvetelina Yu, J.
Summer 2021 A combinatorial approach to biological structures and networks in predictive medicine Kirkpatrick, Anna Mitchell, C. and Tetali, P.
Summer 2021 Branched Covers and Braided Embeddings Kolay, Sudipta Etnyre, J.
Summer 2021 Classification of tight contact structures on the Weeks manifold Min, Hyun Ki Etnyre, J.
Summer 2021 Persistence of Invariant Objects under Delay Perturbations Yang, Jiaqi de la Llave, R.
Summer 2021 Fast Algorithm for Invariant Circle and their Stable Manifolds: Rigorous Results and Efficient Implementations Yiao, Yian de la Llave, R.
Spring 2021 Approximate Schauder Frames for Banach Sequence Spaces Cheng, Yam-Sung Heil, C.
Spring 2021 Mathematical and Data-Driven Pattern Representation with Applications in Image Processing, Computer Graphics, and Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Data Mining He, Yuchen Kang, S.
Spring 2021 Non-parametric Analysis for Time Series Gap Data with Applications in Acute Myocardial Infarction Disease Li, Hangfan Houdre, C.
Spring 2021 On Scalable and Fast Langevin-Dynamics-Based Sampling Algorithms Li, Ruilin Zhou, H. and Zha, H.
Spring 2021 On the Stationary and Uniformly-Rotating Solutions of Active Scalar Equations Park, Jaemin Yao, Y.
Summer 2020 Spectrum Reconstruction Technique and Improved Naive Bayes Models for Text Classification Problems Dai, Zhibo Matzinger, H.
Summer 2020 Rayleigh-Taylor Instability with Heat Transfer Hu, Qianli Pan, R.
Summer 2020 Interaction energies, lattices, and designs Park, Josiah Heil, C. and Lacey, M.
Spring 2020 The Maxwell-Pauli Equations Kieffer, Thomas Loss, M.
Spring 2020 Small torsion generating sets for mapping class groups Lanier, Justin Margalit, D.
Spring 2020 Finding and certifying numerical roots of systems of equations Lee, Kisun Leykin, A.
Spring 2020 Randomness as a tool for modeling and uncovering structure Petti, Samantha Vempala, S.
Fall 2019 Quantum torus methods for Kauffman bracket skein modules Paprocki, Jonathan Le, T.
Fall 2019 6-connected graphs are two-three linked Xie, Shijie Yu, X.
Fall 2019 The proxy point method for rank-structured matrices Xing, Xin Chow, E. and Zhou, H.
Fall 2019 Topics on the length of the longest common subsequences, with blocks, in binary random words Zhang, Yuze Houdre, C.
Summer 2019 Percolation theory: the complement of the infinite cluster and the acceptance profile of the invasion percolation Bock, Bounghun Damron, M.
Summer 2019 Lattice points, oriented matroids, and zonotopes Celaya, Marcel Yu, J.
Summer 2019 Text-classification methods and the mathematical theory of Principal Components Chen, Jiangning Matzinger, H. and Lounici, K.
Summer 2019 The polaron hydrogenic atom in a strong magnetic field Ghanta, Rohan Loss, M.
Summer 2019 On the independent spanning tree conjectures and related problems Hoyer, Alexander Thomas, R.
Summer 2019 On a classical solution to the master equation of a first order mean field game Mayorga, Sergio Gangbo, W. and Swiech, A.
Summer 2019   McCullough, Andrew Etnyre, J.
Summer 2019 Topics in Dynamical Systems Shu, Longmei Bunimovich, L.
Summer 2019 The applications of discrete optimal transport in path planning and data clustering Zhai, Haoyan Zhou, H.
Spring 2019 Comparison of sequences generated by a hidden Markov model Kerchev, George Houdre, C.
Spring 2019 Coloring Graphs with No K5-Subdivision: Disjoint Paths in Graphs Xie, Qiqin Yu, X.
Fall 2018 Topics on the Longest Common Subsequences: Simulations, Computations, and Variance Liu, Qingqing Houdre, C.
Fall 2018 Combinatorial Models for Surface and Free Group Symmetries Scott, Shane Margalit, D.
Fall 2018 Statistical Inference for High Dimensional Data with Low Rank Structure Zhou, Fan Koltchinskii, V.
Summer 2018 Dynamics of Religious Group Growth and Survival Chen, Tongzhou Short, M.
Summer 2018 Local Space and Time Scaling Exponents for Diffusion on Compact Metric Spaces Dever, John Bellissard, J. and Harrell, E.
Summer 2018 The Back and Forth Error Compensation and Correction method for linear hyperbolic systems and a conservative BFECC limiter Wang, Xin Liu, Y.
Summer 2018 Modeling, Predicting, And Guiding Users' Temporal Behaviors Wang, Yichen Song, L. and Zhou, H.
Summer 2018 Topics in percolation and sequence analysis Xu, Chen Houdre, C.
Summer 2018 Geometric Bijections of Graphs and Regular Matroids​ Yuen, Chi Ho Baker, M.
Spring 2018 Topics in dynamics: first passage probabilities and chaotic properties of the physical wind-tree model Bolding, Mark Bunimovich, L.
Spring 2018 Minors of graphs of large path-width Dang, Thanh Ngoc Thomas, R.
Spring 2018 Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Text, Graph, and Hybrid Data Analytics Du, Rundong Park, H.
Spring 2018 Characterization of matrix valued BMO by commutators and sparse domination of operators Mena Arias, Dario Alberto Lacey, M.
Fall 2017 Results on Invariant Whiskered Tori for Fibered Holomorphic Maps and on Compensated Domains de Viana, Mikel de la Llave, R.
Fall 2017 Curvature and Isoperimetry in Graphs Ralli, Peter Tetali, P.
Sum 2017 Statistical Inference for Some Risk Measures Hou, Yanxi Yu, X.
Sum 2017 Multilinear Dyadic Operators and Their Commutators Kunwar, Ishwari Lacey, M.
Sum 2017 Inflation of a Planar Domain Sampson, Donald McCuan, J.
Sum 2017 Weighted inequalities via dyadic operators and a learning theory approach to compressive sensing Spencer, Timothy Scott Lacey, M.
Sum 2017 Mathematical Problems concerning the Kac Model Tossounian, Hagop Loss, M.
Sum 2017 The boundary method and general auction for optimal mass transportation and Wasserstein distance computation Walsh, Joseph Donald Dieci, L.
Sum 2017 Subdivisions of complete graphs Wang, Yan Yu, X.
Sum 2017 Analysis and Numerical Methods in Solid State Physics and Chemistry Zhang, Lei de la Llave, R.
Spr 2017 Special TK5 in graphs containing K4- He, Dawei Yu, X.
Fall 2016 Problems in Catalan Mixing and Matchings in Regular Hypergraphs Cohen, Emma Tetali
Sum 2016 Transverse Surgery on Knots in Contact 3-Manifold Conway, James Irwin Etnyre
Sum 2016 Uniqueness, Existence, and Regularity of solutions of Integro-PDEs in domains of R^n. Mou, Chenchen Yi/Swiech
Sum 2016 Statistical Inference for large Matrices. Xia, Dong Koltchinskii
Spr 2016 A study of Stochastic Differential Equations and Fokker-Planck equations of applications Li, Wuchen Dieci/Zhou
Fall 2015 The Filippov moments solution on the intersection of two and three manifolds Difonzo, Fabio Vito Dieci
Fall 2015 Thermostated Kac Models Vaidyanathan, Ranjini Bonetto
Fall 2015 Combinatorial problems for graphs and partially ordered sets Wang, Ruidong Trotter
Sum 2015 Minimization problems involving polyconvex integrands Awi, Romeo Olivier Gangbo
Sum 2015 Multifold sums and products over R, and combinatorial problems on sumsets Bush, Albert Robert Croot
Sum 2015 Complete nonnegatively curved spheres and planes Hu, Jing Belegradek
Sum 2015 Symmetric ideals and numerical primary decomposition Krone, Robert Leykin
Spr 2015 Small-time Asymptotics of Call Prices and Implied Volatilities for Exponential Levy Models Hoffmeyer, Allen Kyle Houdre
Spr 2015 Numerical algorithms based on the back and forth error compensation and correction Hu, Lili Liu
Fall 2014 Accelerated algorithms for composite saddle-point problems and applications He, Yunlong Monteiro, Park
Fall 2014 Some Results on Sums and Products Pryby, Christopher Ian Croot
Fall 2014 A Non-Asymptotic Study of Low-Rank Estimation of Smooth Kernels on Graphs Rangel Walteros, Pedro Andres Koltchinskii
Sum 2014 Invariant densities for dynamical systems with random switching Hurth, Tobias Bakhtin
Sum 2014 Stein fillings of contact structures supported by planar open books Kaloti, Amey Sadanand Etnyre
Sum 2014 Graph structures and well-quasi-ordering Liu, Chun-Hung Thomas
Sum 2014 Linear systems on metric graphs and some applications to tropical geometry and non-archimedean geometry Luo, Ye Baker
Sum 2014 The colored Jones polynomial and its stability Vuong, Thao Minh Garoufalidis
Sum 2014 A Numerical Study of Vorticity-Enhanced Heat Transfer Wang, Xiaolin Alben/Weiss
Sum 2014 Pfaffian Orientations, Flat Embeddings, and Steinberg's Conjecture Whalen, Peter Michael Zanton Thomas
Sum 2014 Minimum principle of the temperature in compressible Navier-Stokes equations with application to the existence theory Zhang, Weizhe Pan
Spr 2014 Problems in combinatorial number theory Amirkhanyan, Gagik Martuni Lacey
Spr 2014 Combinatorial Divisor Theory for Graphs Backman, Spencer Foster Baker
Spr 2014 Method of Evolving Junctions: A New Approach to Path Planning and Optimal Control Lu, Jun Zhou
Spr 2014 Algebraic degrees of stretch factors in mapping class groups Shin, Hyunshik Margalit
Spr 2014 Symmetry, Isotopy, and Irregular Covers Winarski, Rebecca Rae Margalit
Fall 2013 Branched covers of contact manifolds Casey, Meredith Perrie Etnyre
Sum 2013 Adaptive Iterative Filtering Methods for Nonlinear Signal Analysis and Applications Liu, Jingfang Zhou
Sum 2013 Divisors on graphs, binomial and monomial ideals, and cellular resolutions Shokrieh, Farbod Baker
Sum 2013 New algorithms for solving inverse source problems in imaging techniques with applications in fluorescence tomography Yin, Ke Zhou
Spr 2013 Goodness-of-Fit Tests and Bilinear Model Feng, Huijun Peng
Spr 2013 The Asymptotic Rate of the Length of the Longest Significant Chain with Good Continuation in Bernoulli Net and Its Applications in Filamentary Detection Ni, Kai Koltchinskii
Spr 2013 One and Two Weight Theory in Harmonic Analysis Scurry, James Wright Wick
Fall 2012 Minor-Minimal Non-Projective Planar Graphs with an Internal 3-Separation Asadi Shahmirzadi, Arash Thomas
Fall 2012 Topics in sequence analysis Ma, Jinyong Houdre
Fall 2012 5-List-Coloring Graphs on Surfaces Postle, Luke Jamison Thomas
Sum 2012 Symmetric Schemes for Efficient Range and Error-Tolerant Search on Encrypted Data Chenette, Nathan Lee Thomas
Sum 2012 Small-Time Asymptotics and Expansions of Option Prices Under Levy-Based Models Gong, Ruoting Houdre
Sum 2012 Estimating the Maximum Probability of Categorical Classes with Applications to Biological Diversity Measurements Huynh, Huy Ngoc Quoc Houdre
Sum 2012 Perturbation Theory and its Application to Complex Biological Networks --A quantification of systematic features of biological networks Li, Yao Yi
Sum 2012 Non-Asymptotic Bounds for Prediction Problems and Density Estimation Minsker, Stanislav Koltchinskii
Sum 2012 On the Almost Axisymmetric Flows with Forcing Terms Sedjro, Marc Mawulom Gangbo
Sum 2012 Legendrian and Transverse Knots and Their Invariants Tosun, Bulent Etnyre
Sum 2012 The Volume Conjecture, The AJ Conjectures and Skein Modules Tran, Anh Tuan Le
Sum 2012 Some Questions in Risk Management and High-Dimensional Data Analysis Wang, Ruodu Peng
Sum 2012 Forbidden Subgraphs and 3-Colorability Ye, Tianjun Yu, X.
Spr 2012 Empirical likelihood and Extremes Gong, Yun Peng
Spr 2012 Markov Chains at the Interface of Combinatorics, Computing, and Statistical Physics Streib, Amanda Pascoe Randall
Spr 2012 Planar and Hamiltonian Cover Graphs Streib, Noah Sametz Trotter
Spr 2012 Hybrid Modeling and Analysis of Multiscale Biochemical Reaction Networks Wu, Jialiang Voit
Fall 2011 Two Problems in Mathematical Physics: Villani's Conjecture and a Trace Inequality for the Fractional Laplacian Einav, Amit Loss
Fall 2011 Topics in Spatial and Dynamical Phase Transitions of Interacting Particle Systems Restrepo, Ricardo Tetali 
Sum 2011 Topics in group methods for integer programming Chen, Kenneth Cook 
Sum 2011 Normally Elliptic Singular Perturbation Problems: Local Invariant Manifolds and Applications Lu, Nan Zeng
Sum 2011 Judicious Partitions of Graphs and Hypergraphs Ma, Jie Yu, X.
Sum 2011 Hardy-Sobolev-Maz'ya Inequalities for Fractional Integrals on Halfspaces and Convex Domains Sloane, Craig Andrew Loss
Spr 2011 Scaling limit for the diffusion exit problem Almada Monter, Sergio Angel Bakhtin
Spr 2011 Sharp Weighted Estimates for Singular Integral Operators Reguera Rodriguez, Maria Del Carme Lacey
Spr 2011 Isospectral Graph Reductions, Estimates of Matrices' Spectra, and Eventually Negative Schwarzian Systems Webb, Benjamin Zachary Bunimovich
Fall 2010 Color-critical graphs on surfaces Yerger, Carl Roger Thomas
Sum 2010 A Study of Discrepancy Results in Partially Ordered Sets Howard, David Michael Trotter
Sum 2010 Noncommutative Geometry and Compact Metric Spaces Palmer, Ian Christian Bellissard
Sum 2010 Asymptotic Properties of Muntz Orthogonal Polynomials Stefansson, Ulfar Freyr Lubinsky
Sum 2010 Modulation Spaces, BMO and the ZAK Transform, and Minimizing IPH Functions Over the Unit Simplex Tinaztepe, Ramazan Heil
Sum 2010 Estimates for Discrepancy and Calderon-Zygmund Operators Vagharshakyan, Armen Ashot Lacey
Spr 2010 Gabor and Wavelet Analysis with Applications to Schatten Class Integral Operators Bishop, Shannon Renee Smith Heil
Spr 2010 Some Results on Linear Discrepancy For Partially Ordered Sets Keller, Mitchel Todd Trotter
Fall 2009 Mathematical Approaches to Digital Color Image Denoising Deng, Hao Zhou
Fall 2009 Eigenvalue Inequalities for Relativistic Hamiltonians and Fractional Laplacian Yildirim Yolcu, Selma Harrell
Fall 2009 Initial-Boundary Value Problems in Fluid Dynamics Modeling Zhao, Kun Pan
Sum 2009 Additive Structure, Rich Lines, and Exponential Set-Expansion Borenstein, Evan Scot Croot
Sum 2009 Billiards and Statistical Mechanics Grigo, Alexander Bunimovich
Sum 2009 Hamiltonian Systems and the Calculus of Differential Forms on the Wasserstein Space Kim, Hwa Kil Gangbo
Sum 2009 Parabolic Systems and an Underlying Lagrangian Yolcu, Turkay Gangbo
Spr 2009 Random Sampling of Lattice Configurations Using Local Markov Chains Greenberg, Samuel Gottfried Randall
Fall 2008 Approximating the circumference of 3-connected claw-free graphs Bilinski, Mark Yu
Fall 2008 Nonlinear oscillation and control in the bz chemical reaction. Li, Yongfeng Yi
Fall 2008 On the limiting shape of random young tableaux for markovian words Litherland, Trevis J Houdre
Fall 2008 Aspects of random matrix theory: concentration and subsequence problems Xu, Hua Houdre
Fall 2008 Random dot product graphs: a flexible model for complex networks Young, Stephen James Mihail
Fall 2008 Some problems in the theory of open dynamical systems and deterministic walks in random environments Yurchenko, Aleksey Bunimovich
Sum 2008 Problems and results in partially ordered sets, graphs and geometry Biro, Csaba Trotter
Sum 2008 Two problems in signal quantization and A/D conversion Jimenez, David Adrian Wang
Sum 2008 New combinatorial techniques for nonlinear orders Marcus, Adam Wade Tetali
Sum 2008 The noncommutative geometry of ultrametric cantor sets Pearson, John Clifford Bellissard
Sum 2008 Theoretical and numerical aspects of coalescing of eigenvalues and singular values of parameter dependent matrices Pugliese, Alessandro Dieci
Sum 2008 Cohomology and K-theory of aperiodic tilings Savinien, Jean Philippe Xavier Bellissard
Spr 2008 Enumerative combinatorics of posets Carroll, Christina Conklin Tetali
Spr 2008 Tree-based decompositions of graphs on surfaces and applications to the traveling salesman problem Inkmann, Torsten Thomas
Fall 2007 Mathematical Modeling of Fines Migration snd Clogging in Porous Media Kampel, Guido Goldsztein
Fall 2007 Algorithmic and topological aspects of semi-algebraic sets defined by quadratic polynomials Kettner, Michael Basu
Fall 2007 Validated Continuation for Infinite Dimensional Problems Lessard, Jean-Philippe Mischaikow
Fall 2007 An extension of KAM theory to quasi-periodic breather solutions in Hamiltonian lattice systems Viveros Rogel, Jorge Yi
Sum 2007 The Mathematical Theory of Thin Film Evolution Ulusoy, Suleyman Carlen
Fall 2006 Maximum Codes with the Identifiable Parent Property Jiang, Wen Xu
Sum 2006 Nodal sets and contact structures Komendarczyk, Rafal Adam Ghrist
Spr 2006 New Tools and Results in Graph Structure Theory Hegde, Rajneesh Dattatray Thomas
Spr 2006 Small Scale Stochastic Dynamics For Particle Image Velocimetry Applications Hohenegger, Christel Mucha
Fall 2005 Extremal Functions for Graph Linkages and Rooted Minors Wollan, Paul Joseph Thomas
Sum 2005 Bifurcations, Normal Forms and their Applications Chen, Jian Yi
Sum 2005 Topological Analysis of Patterns Gameiro, Marcio Fuzeto Mischaikow
Sum 2005 Conley-Morse Chain Maps Moeller, Todd Keith Mischaikow
Sum 2005 Matching structure and Pfaffian orientations of graphs Norin, Sergey Thomas
Spr 2005 Pricing of Game Options in a market with stochastic interest rates Hernandez-Urena, Luis Kertz
Spr 2005 Aspects of Mass Transportation in Discrete Concentration Inequalities Sammer, Marcus D Tetali
Spr 2005 A Study of Dynamics of Coupled Nonlinear Circuits Sanchez, Jose Luis Hernandez Chow
Sum 2004 Extremal Functions for Contractions of Graphs Song, Zixia Thomas
Spr 2004 Nonparametric estimation of Levy processes with a view towards mathematical finance Figueroa-Lopez, Jose Enrique Houdré
Fall 2003 Lorentz Lattice Gases on Graphs Kreslavskiy, Dmitry Michael Bunimovich
Fall 2003 Numerical Methods for the Continuation of Invariant Tori Rasmussen, Bryan Michael Dieci
Sum 2003 Independent Tress in 4-Connected Graphs Curran, Sean Patrick Yu
Sum 2003 A Rigorous Numerical Method in Infinite Dimensions Day, Sarah Lynn Mischaikow
Sum 2003 Characterization of Function Spaces and Boundedness of Bilinear Pseudodifferential Operators ... Okoudjou, Kasso Akochaye Heil
Sum 2003 Disjoint Paths in Planar Graphs Sheppardson, Laura Jean Yu
Spr 2003 Dynamical and Statistical Properties of Lorentz Lattice Gases Khlabystova, Milena Alexandrovna Bunimovich
Spr 2003 Level Set Model of Microstructure Evolution in the Chemical Vapor Infiltration Process Wang, Xuelei Jin
Fall 2002 Polygonal Approximation for Flows Boczko, Erik Miklos Mischaikow
Sum 2002 Existence of Solutions to Degenerate Parabolic Equations via the Monge-Kantorovich Theory Agueh, Martial Marie-Paul Gangbo
Sum 2002 Dynamics of Billiards Del Magno, Gianluigi Bunimovich
Sum 2002 Viscosity Solutions of Second Order Equations in a Separable Hilbert Space and ... Kelome, Djivede Armel Swiech
Sum 2002 Applications of the Monge-Kantorovich Theory Maroofi, Hamed Gangbo
Sum 2002 Computation and Continuation of Equilibrium-to-Periodic and Periodic-to-Periodic Connections Rebaza Vasquez, Jorge Luis Dieci
Fall 2001 Paths, Samping and Markov Chain Decomposition Martin, Russell Andrew Randall
Fall 2001 Curvature, Isoperimetry, and Discrete Spin Systems Murali, Shobhana Houdré
Fall 2001 Generating Random Absolutely Continuous Distributions Sitton, David Edward Range Hill
Sum 2001 New Algorithmic Approaches for Semi-Definite Programming with Applications ... Burer, Samuel Andrew Monteiro
Sum 2001 Isoperimetric and Related Constants for Graphs and Markov Chains Stoyanov, Tzvetan Ivanov Houdré
Spr 2001 Some generalizations of the Knaster-Kuratowski-Mazurkiewicz Theorem Gonzalez Espinoza, Luis Armando Cain
Spr 2001 Multiwavelets in Higher Dimensions Jacobs, Denise Anne Kanabroski Heil
Fall 2000 On Properties of Completely Flexible Loops Rivera, Roberto Rafael Robinson
Fall 2000 Cyclically 5-Connected Graphs Their Relevance to Tutte's 4-Flow Conjecture Thomson, Jan Mcdonald Thomas
Sum 2000 Bounding Entropy and Finding Symbolic Dynamics via the Spectrum of the Conley Index Baker, Anthony Wayne Mischaikow
Sum 2000 Dependence and Limit Theorems for Stationary Infinitely Divisible Sequences Harrelson, Dyana Rae Rice Houdré
Sum 2000 Time-Frequency Analysis of Pseudodifferential Operators Labate, Demetrio Heil
Sum 2000 Random Sampling of Combinatorial Structures McShine, Lisa Maria Tetali
Sum 2000 Diamagnetic Behavior of Sums of Dirichlet Eigenvalues Vougalter, Vitali Grigor'Evich Loss
Spr 2000 Random Probability Measures with Given Mean and Variance Bloomer, Lisa A Hill
Spr 2000 Independent Sets in Bounded Degree Graphs Heckman, Christopher Carl Thomas
Spr 2000 Geometric Problems Relating Evolution Equations and Variational Principles Kerce, James Clayton Carlen
Spr 2000 On Perturbations of Delay-Differential Equations with Periodic Orbits Weedermann, Marion Hale
Sum 1999 Planar Covers of Graphs Negami's Conjecture Hlineny, Petr Thomas
Sum 1999 Topics in Airline Crew Scheduling and Large Scale Optimization Klabjan, Diego Nemhouse/Duke
Sum 1999 Coloring Girth Restricted Graphs on Surfaces Walls, Barrett Hamilton Thomas
Spr 1999 Index Pairs: From Dynamics to Combinatorics and Back Szymczak, Andrzej Mischaikow
Fall 1998 Existence of Traveling Waves and Applications Acosta, Antonio Ramon Chow
Fall 1998 Unique Coloring of Planar Graphs Fowler, Tom George Thomas
Sum 1998 Computation of Homology and an Application to the Conley Index Watson, Greg Malcolm Mischaikow
Spr 1998 Construction of Smooth Orthogonal Wavelets with Compact Support in R^d Belogay, Eugeni Alexandrov Wang
Spr 1998 Estimates for the St. Petersburg Game O'Connell, Walter Richard Harrell
Spr 1998 Homoclinic Tangencies and Families of Interval Maps with Non-Constant Topological Entropy Pederson, Steven Michael Xia
Spr 1998 Boundary and Internal Layers in a Semilinear Parabolic Problem Salazar Gonzalez, Jose Domingo Hale
Spr 1998 Extensions of Sturm-Liouville Theory: Nodal Sets in Both Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations Yang, Xue-Feng Harrell
Wint 1998 Ranges of Vector Measures and Valulations Kuhn, Zuzana Thomas Hill
Wint 1998 Invariant Manifolds, Invariant Folications and Linearization Theorems in Banach Spaces Tan, Bin Hale
Fall 1997 Controllability of Cellular Neural Networks Lara, Pulido Teodoro Del Car Chow
Sum 1997 Conley Index and Chaos Carbinatto, Maria Do Carmo Mischaikow
Sum 1997 Study and Implementation of Gauss Runge-Kutta Schemes and Applications to Riccati Equations Keeve, Michael Octavis Dieci
Sum 1997 Rigorous and Reasonable Error Bounds for Numerical Solution of Dynamical Systems Kuhn, Wolfgang Estep
Sum 1997 Center Manifold Theory for Smooth Invariant Manifolds Liu, Weishi Chow
Spr 1997 Quantization Error Problems for Classes of Trigonometric Polynomials LaDue, Mark Douglas Green
Wint 1997 Dilation Equations with Matrix Dilations Leeds, Kevin N Shonkwiler
Fall 1996 Brownian Approximation for Queueing Networks with Finite Buffers: ... Dai, Wanyang Dai
Sum 1996 The Peak-Crossing Bifurcation in Lattice Dynamical Systems Venkatagiri, Shankar C Bunimovich
Spr 1996 Bounding the Edge Cover Time Random Walks on Graphs Bussian, Eric Richard Duke
Spr 1996 Ergodic Billiards and Mechanism of Defocusing in N Dimensions Rehacek, Jan Bunimovich
Spr 1996 Pattern Formation in Cellular Automata and Three Dimensional Lattice Dynamical Systems Thomas, Diana Maria Chow
Wint 1996 Compactifications and Function Spaces Mendivil, Franklin Arturo Cain
Wint 1996 An Analysis of the Oregonator Rufeger, Waltraud Ames
Fall 1995 Exploring Global Dynamics: A Numerical Algorithm Based on the Conley Index Theory Eidenschink, Michael Mischaikow
Fall 1995 Skew-product semiflows and time dependent dynamical systems Leiva, Hugo Chow
Fall 1995 Genetic Algorithms: A Markov Chain and Detail Balance Approach Meddin, Mona Shonkwiler
Fall 1995 Hyperbolic Iterated Function Systems and Applications Hardin, Douglas Patten Barnsley
Spr 1995 Approximate Feedback Linearization on Nonlinear Control Systems Banaszuk, Andrzej Loss
Spr 1995 Fractal Functions, Splines and Wavelets Donovan, George Cassinis Geronimo
Spr 1995 Predicting the Asymptotic Behavior for Differential Equations with a Quadratic Nonlinearity Howard, Timothy Gerard Herod
Spr 1995 Saddle-Node Bifurcations with Homoclinic Orbits Young, Todd Ray Afraimovich/Chow
Wint 1995 Slow Motion Manifolds for a Class of Evolutionary Equations Pinto, Joao Teixeira Hale
Sum 1994 Cyclic Feedback Systems Gedeon, Tomas Mischaikow
Spr 1994 Cases of Equality in the Riesz Rearrangement Inequality Burchard, Almut Dorothea Loss
Spr 1994 Eigenvalue Gaps for Self-Adjoint Operators Michel, Patricia L Harrell
Fall 1993 Reaction-Diffusion Systems on Domains with Thin Channels Oliva Filho, Sergio Muniz Hale
Sum 1993 New Solutions to the Euler Equations Using Lie Group Analysis and High Order Numerical Techniques Bright, Theresa Ann Ames
Sum 1993 Dependence of the Attractor on the Delay for Delay-Differential Equations Hines, Gwendolen M Hale
Sum 1993 Linear Algorithms for Graphs of Three-Width at Most Four Sanders, Daniel Preston Thomas
Wint 1993 Numerical Approximation to the Solution of Multi-Phase Stefan-Type Problems Kelly, William Benjamin Meyer
Fall 1992 Structural Stability of Periodic Systems Chen, Mingxiang Chow
Sum 1992 Infinite dimensional dynamics described by ordinary differential equations Carvalho, Alexandre Nolasco De Hale
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Fall 1991 On Cahn-Hilliard Type Equation Kwek, Keng-Huat Chow
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Sum 1991 Group Analysis of a Monge-Ampere Type Equation Arrigo, Daniel Joseph Ames
Sum 1991 Spectral Theory of Laplace-Beltrami Operators Green, Edward Lee Harrell
Sum 1991 Dimension Characteristics for Invariant Measures King, James Francis Geronimo
Sum 1991 Neural Networks Constructed Using Familes of Dense Subsets ... Kuai, Wenming Shonkwiler
Sum 1991 Random and Numerical Aspects of the Shadowing Lemma Van Vleck, Erik Scott Chow
Fall 1990 High Order Finite Difference Methods Postell, Floyd Vince Ames
Wint 1990 Models of Intracavity Frequency Doubled Lasers James, Glenn Edward Harrell
Wint 1990 Exponential Decay of Resolvents of Banded Matrices and Asymptotics of Solutions ... Smith, Dale T Harrell
Sum 1989 A Fractal Theory of Iterated Markov Operators with Applications to Digital Image Coding Jacquin, Arnaud Eric Barnsley
Sum 1989 Universal Constants in Optimal Stopping Theory Jones, Martin Lee Hill
Spr 1989 Symmetry Reduction of Reynolds Equation and Applications to Film Lubrication Abell, Martha Louise Ames
Spr 1989 Topological Investigations of Self-Similarity Lewellen, Gary Boyd Cain
Fall 1988 Problems in Classical Banach Spaces Patterson, Wanda Mcnair Andrew
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Spr 1983 Bounds and Estimates for the Linearly Perturbed Eigenvalue Problem Raddatz, William Daniel Barnsley
Spr 1983 Extensions of the Concept of Derivative to all Monotone Functions Withers, William Douglas Karlovitz
Wint 1983 Initial-Value Problems for Some Infinite Two- and Three-Dimensional Arrays of Harmonic Oscillators Bielecki, Daria Jan Sledd
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Masters Dissertations


Date Title (external link) Author Advisor
Spring 2022 On difference graph covers and the local dimension of the Boolean lattice Hall, Ariana Wang, Z.
Spring 2021 Numerical Estimation of Several Topological Quantities of the First Passage Percolation Model Ma, Yuanzhe Damron, M.
Spring 2020 Numerical Estimates for Arm Exponents and the Acceptance Profile in Two-Dimensional Invasion Percolation Li, Jiaheng Damron, M.
Fall 2018 Non-negative symmetric polynomials and entangled Bosons Hebbe Madhusudhana, Bharath Blekherman, G.
Spr 2016 Decompositions of Higher Dimensional Contact Manifolds Elmas, Gokhan Etnyre
Fall 2010 Limit theorems for a one dimensional system with random switchings Hurth, Tobias Bakhtin
Fall 2010 Mahler's Conjecture in Convex Geometry: A Summary and Further Numerical Analysis Hupp, Phillipp Harrell
Fall 2008 Model and analysis of the geometric characteristics of primary carpet backing Ford, Allison Elaine Mucha
Fall 2008 Density conditions on Gabor frames Leach, Sandie Patricia Heil
Spr 2008 Automate Reasoning: Computer Assisted Proofs in Set Theory Using Godel's Algorithm for Class Formation Goble, Tiffany Danielle  Belinfante
Sum 2007 Polar - legendre duality in convex geometry and geometric flows White, Edward C., Jr. Harrell
Spr 2007 Minimal Surfaces in three-sphere with special spherical symmetry Hynd, Ryan Charles McCuan
Sum 2006 Finite Field Models of Roth's Theorem in One and Two Dimensions Hart, Derrick N. Lacey
Spr 2005 On the Structure of Counterexamples to the Coloring Conjecture of Hajós Zickfeld, Florian  Yu
Sum 2003 The maximum clique problem-on finding an upper bound with applications to protein alignment Baamann, Katharina   Mucha
Sum 2002 Conditional uniform convexity in Orlicz spaces and minimization problems Doto, James William   Carlen