About Club Math

What is Club Math?

Club Math is a social organization for students at Georgia Tech with an interest in mathematics. We meet weekly to discuss problems and puzzles, play games, and learn about interesting topics beyond the scope of what is taught in the classroom. Throughout the coming semester, we plan on expanding our catalog of activities to include crafts such as mathematical knitting and origami, talks organized and presented by Club Math students, and occasional events such as movie nights.


Who can join?

While many of our members are either math majors or minors, this is certainly not a requirement; we invite and encourage anyone with an interest in mathematics to come to our meetings and join in on our activities. Join our Facebook page.

The link to the Club Math GroupMe is


When/Where are the meetings?

For the Spring 2022 semester, we will have meetings on Wednesdays from 6-7pm in Skiles 006. 


Club Math Officers

  • Kaiser: Josh Herring (jherring34 at gatech dot edu) and Sam DeCoster (sdecoster3 at gatech dot edu)
  • Puzzlemeister: Cooper Billsborough (cbillsborough3 at gatech dot edu) 
  • Treasuremeister: Taryn Trigler (taryn.trigler at gatech dot edu)
  • Webmeister: Raymond Jiang (rjiang44 at gatech dot edu)
  • Publicitymeister: Cara Bennett  (cara.bennett at gatech dot edu)

See the Constitution

Our Academic Advisor is Dr. Enid Steinbart (steinbart@math.gatech.edu).