The Academic and Industry Job Search

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Special topics course on The Academic and Industry Job Search offered in Fall 2017 by Morag Burke.



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This course is offered for international PhD students who are nearing the completion of their degree, and are preparing to go on the job market. This course will focus on improving listening and speaking skills specifically for job interviews and professional networking. In addition, there will be a writing component to the course to prepare the required documents such as: CV/Resume, Teaching statements, Research Statements, Diversity Statement.

International Post-docs may join the course with the permission of the instructor.

Topics covered in this course include:

* Pronunciation practice: specific sounds, thought groups, intonation, focus words.

* Functional language & appropriate phrases for interviews, and professional networking

* Academic jobs vs. Industry jobs

* Post-doc positions

* Understanding the post-doc and tenure process

* Understanding the job search process

* Writing your CV/Resume, Research Statement & Teaching Statement, other documents

* Mapping benchmarks and deadlines for applications

* Phone interview skills: Speaking & Listening

* Cultural differences in the interview process

* How to prepare for the interview

* Expectations of the interviewer & interviewee

* Types of interview questions

* Practice answering interview questions

* Body language & appropriate behavior in the interview

* Questions to ask in the interview

* Mock interview practice

* Follow up to the interview