MS in Computational Sciences and Engineering

The CSE masters program is an interdisciplinary program aimed at students wanting to enrich their exposure to modern computational techniques of use in engineering and the applied sciences. Students earning a MS in CSE are those who intend to bring their expertise to work in software systems engineering, web technologies, software for consumer product and drug design, financial engineering, modeling and simulation, systems integration, data mining and visualization, high-performance computing, and computational modeling.

Curricular Requirements

Students must complete 30 hours of coursework distributed as follows:

1. Core courses (12 hours). Students must complete four of the five courses making up the core curriculum:

  • CSE/Math 6643 (Numerical Linear Algebra)
  • CSE 6140 (CSE Algorithms)
  • CSE 6730 (Modeling and Simulation: Fundamentals & Implementation)
  • CSE/ISYE 6740 (Computational Data Analysis)
  • CSE 6220 (High Performance Computing)

2. Specialization (12 hours). A home unit minor is required consisting of 12 hours of coursework which (i) is relevant to the CSE discipline, (ii) includes one application area, and (iii) contains at least 6 hours of courses that do not carry the CS/CSE course designation.

3. Electives or Thesis (6 hours). The remaining 6 hours can be completed either as additional hours of approved coursework (course option) or by writing a MS thesis (thesis option). The latter has to be approved by, and defended to, the student's thesis committee, who is responsible for overseeing the student's research.

Important: The student's plan of study must be approved by the CSE program director and the student's home unit coordinator. See the Proposed Program of Study Forms.

For further details please see the CSE Graduate Student Handbook.