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This is a part of GT MAP activities. There will be light refreshments through out the event. This seminar will be held at Skiles 006.


Members of Prof. Erturk's group will present their research

3:00 PM - 3:45PM  Prof. Alper Erturk will give a talk on

          Dynamics of Next-Generation Smart- and Meta-Structures

3:45PM -- 4:00PM Break with Discussions

4:00PM - 4:45PM  The second talk will be given  by Chris Sugino (PhD Student).

4:45PM - 5PM Discussion of open problems stemming from the presentations.

Abstract] The first part of this talk will review our recent efforts on the electroelastodynamics of smart structures for various applications ranging from nonlinear energy harvesting, bio-inspired actuation, and acoustic power transfer to elastic wave guiding and vibration attenuation via metamaterials. We will discuss how to exploit nonlinear dynamic phenomena for frequency bandwidth enhancement to outperform narrowband linear-resonant devices in applications such as vibration energy harvesting for wireless electronic components. We will also cover inherent nonlinearities (material and internal/external dissipative), and their interactions with intentionally designed nonlinearities, as well as electrical circuit nonlinearities. Electromechanical modeling efforts will be presented, and approximate analysis results using the method of harmonic balance will be compared with experimental measurements. Our recent efforts on phononic crystal-enhanced elastic wave guiding and harvesting, wideband vibration attenuation via locally resonant metamaterials, contactless acoustic power transfer, bifurcation suppression using nonlinear circuits, and exploiting size effects via strain-gradient induced polarization (flexoelectricity) in centrosymmetric elastic dielectrics will be summarized.

The second part of the talk will be centered on low-frequency vibration attenuation in finite structures by means of locally resonant elastic and electroelastic metamaterials. Locally resonant metamaterials are characterized by bandgaps at wavelengths that are much larger than the lattice size, enabling low-frequency vibration/sound attenuation. Typically, bandgap analyses and predictions rely on the assumption of waves traveling in an infinite medium, and do not take advantage of modal representations commonly used for the analysis of the dynamic behavior of finite structures. We will present a novel argument for estimating the locally resonant bandgap in metamaterial-based finite structures (i.e. meta-structures with prescribed boundary conditions) using modal analysis, yielding a simple closed-form expression for the bandgap frequency and size. A method for understanding the importance of the resonator locations and mass distribution will be discussed in the context of a Riemann sum approximation of an integral. Numerical and experimental results will be presented regarding the effects of mass ratio, non-uniform spacing of resonators, and parameter variations among the resonators. Electromechanical counterpart of the problem will also be summarized for piezoelectric structures.


Biography: Dr. Alper Erturk is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology where he leads the Smart Structures and Dynamical Systems Laboratory. His theoretical and experimental research program is centered on the intersection of smart structures and dynamical systems for various interdisciplinary applications ranging from energy harvesting and bio-inspired actuation to electroelastic metamaterials and vibration attenuation. Prior to his current (tenured) appointment, Dr. Erturk was an Assistant Professor (2011-2016) of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech and a Research Scientist (2009-2011) in the Center for Intelligent Material Systems & Structures at Virginia Tech.


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Each spring semester the Georgia Tech School of Mathematics hosts the Institute's annual High School Mathematics Competition. The competition covers a wide range of high school math topics, including algebra, Euclidean geometry, combinatorics, number theory, and basic calculus. Schools from any state are welcome to compete. A school may register up to five teams with up to five contestants per team.

Begin your registration process by first CREATING YOUR ACCOUNT. You must have an account before you can add your team. After the account is created, you will receive an email explaining how to log in and add your students.

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The workshop will launch the thematic semester on Materials for GT-MAP activities. 


View PHOTOS from the event.


This is a three day workshop: The first two days (Wed, Thurs) focusing on the theme of Materials, and third day including broad research topics, open to introducing your research. There will be light refreshments through out the event.

This event is free, however, please register HERE to help us make appropriate arrangements.   


Click here for tentative schedule with title and abstract.


Confirmed Speakers>>

Plenary Speakers: Prof. John Lowengrub (UCI, Math) and Prof. Zhonglin Wang (GT, MSE)

Invited Speakers from GT on topic of Materials:

  Chemistry and Biochemistry Prof. Angus Wilkinson

  Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Prof. Zhigang Peng

  Physics Prof. Paul Goldbart

  Physics Prof. Markus Kindermann

  Aerospace Engineering Prof. Julian Rimoli

  Civil and Environmental Engineering Prof. Phanish Suryanarayana

  Civil and Environmental Engineering Prof. Kimberly Kurtis (Cancellation)

  Civil and Environmental Engineering Prof. Arash Yavari

  Electrical and Computer Engineering Prof. Farrokh Ayazi  

  Materials Science and Engineering Prof. Hamid Garmestani

  Mechanical Engineering Prof. Surya Kalidindi

Invited Speakers from GT to highlight their research:

  Biology Prof. Annalise Paaby

  Biology Prof. Will Ratcliff

  Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Prof. Annalisa Bracco

  Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Prof. Athanasios Nenes

  Physics Prof. Predrag Cvitanovic

  Physics Prof. Harold Kim

  Physics Prof. Peter Yunker

  Computational Science and Engineering Prof. Edmond Chow

  Civil and Environmental Engineering  Prof. Francesco Fedele

  Electrical and Computer Engineering Prof. Erik Verriest

  Mechanical Engineering Prof. Alper Erturk


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The School of Mathematics will host the inaugural International Conference on Dynamics of Differential Equations during the Georgia Tech 2013 spring break, March 16-20. The event will be held in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building, 266 Ferst Drive.

The conference will be preceded by four 2-hour tutorial sessions on Friday, March 15. Everyone, especially graduate students, advanced undergraduate students and young researchers, is invited to attend the tutorials.

The format of the conference consists of plenary lectures, invited lectures, contributed lectures and a poster session. There will also be two Hale memorial lectures delivered by Professor Geneviève Raugel

The organizers are:

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