BS in Discrete Mathematics

As of Summer 2017, this degree is no longer offered.  See the BS in Mathematics.


The Discrete Math major is a rigorous degree program that gives the students substantial exposure to computing and those areas of mathematics that are most closely associated with computation. These branches of mathematics are devoted to the study of "discrete" as opposed to "continuous" structures.

The curriculum for this bachelor's degree program combines basic work in mathematics, science, and advanced studies in discrete mathematics with substantial training in these areas of application. Courses in computer science beyond the first two semesters are required, as well as courses in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Students who earn the Bachelor of Science in Discrete Mathematics have demonstrated a high level of competency in the analytical and technical skills in both computing and mathematics.

See the Georgia Tech Catalog for a complete list of degree requirements in Discrete Mathematics.

BS Discrete Math Checklist pre-Fall 2015
BS Discrete Math Checklist Fall 2015 (pending approval)

Technical Electives for BS Discrete Math

Note:  MATH 3670, MATH 3770 cannot be used as Technical Elective or Free Elective.