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The School of Mathematics is one of the original academic departments at Georgia Tech, dating back to 1888. Our School continues to be a cornerstone of the Institute, and today we are a vibrant community of faculty who do the highest caliber of mathematical research and educate some of the best students on campus.

Letter from the Chair

The School continues to evolve in exciting directions, having hired leading experts in various branches of mathematics over the years. This past hiring season alone, we recruited five terrific young faculty, four of whom are female. Thanks to the efforts of the previous Chair, Doug Ulmer, we now have a postdoctoral program (named after our distinguished late colleague, Jack Hale), significant strength in the traditionally-pure fields such as algebra, geometry, number theory, and topology, along with continuing strength in applied areas. Our faculty at large continue to overachieve, publishing in the very top-tier journals, and garnering nationally competitive research and teaching awards... Read Professor  and Chair, Rachel Kuske's FULL letter


Georgia Institute of Technology, then known as the Georgia School of Technology, opened its doors to students in the Fall of 1888. Ready and waiting, was Captain Lyman Hall, the head of the Department of Mathematics and the very first faculty member selected by Georgia Tech's inaugural President, Isaac S. Hopkins. Perhaps Dr. Hopkins recognized the critical importance of a strong mathematics education.

Dr. Richard A. Duke, Professor Emeritus, has meticulously compiled a book covering the first hundred years of Mathematics at Georgia Tech. He has graciously allowed the School to provide an electronic copy.  

Mathematics at Georgia Tech: The First Hundred Years, 1888 - 1987
by Dr. Richard A. Duke, Professor Emeritus,

Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Mathematics