Constitution for PME at Georgia Tech

Modified October 27, 2010


Pi Mu Epsilon is a mathematical honorary society whose purpose is to promote scholarship and mathematics in the Georgia Tech community.


The name of this organization is Pi Mu Epsilon, Georgia Beta Chapter, a Georgia Tech Student Organization, hereto after referred to as Pi Mu Epsilon, or the organization.


The purpose of this organization shall be to promote scholarly activites in mathematics and foster community in the Georgia Tech Mathematics Department between faculty and students. It will do so by:

  1. Electing members on an honorary basis according to proficiency in mathematics.
  2. Engaging in activities designed to promote mathematical and scholarly development of its members.
  3. Engaging in activities designed to promote community in the mathematics department.
  4. Taking other measures which will further the purpose stated above.


Section 1. Minimum Qualifications for Regular Membership
A person meeting any one of the following five sets of qualifications may be considered for membership in the Georgia Beta Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon. In order for a student to be a member, he or she must additionally be eligible for participation in extra-curricular activities as defined by the Georgia Tech Handbook and SGA policies.

  1. Undergraduate students who have completed at least three semesters of mathematics beyond the calculus sequence with an average GPA of at least 3.2, and who are in the top one-third of their class in their general college work.
  2. Sophomores who are majoring in, or intend to major in, Applied or Discrete Mathematics, who have completed at least three semesters of mathematics at the calculus level or above at Georgia Tech with a straight A record in all mathematics courses taken. They must also be in the top one-fourth of their class in their general work.
  3. Graduate students whose mathematical work is at least equivalent to that required of qualified undergraduates, and who have maintained at least a B average in mathematics during their last school year prior to their election.
  4. Faculty members in mathematics or related subjects who have achieved distinction in a mathematical science.
  5. Students or faculty members who have been inducted into a different chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon.

Other members of the Georgia Tech community including alumni and spouses may be elected to membership provided they meet the requirements to join the national society, and are approved by a one-half vote of the current membership.

Section 2. Procedure in Admission
Eligible persons who are elected by the chapter shall become members when they meet all five of the following requirements. Persons who have been inducted into a different chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon will be made a member of our chapter after paying the local required dues.

  1. They have paid the initiation fee required by the national organization and dues required by the local chapter.
  2. They have taken the pledge, and signed the official chapter roll.
  3. The chapter has investigated the candidate's qualifications and made a report of the same.
  4. That person's name has been registered with the Secretary-Treasurer of the national organization.
  5. They have been approved by a one-half vote of the current membership.

The president shall have the authority to nominate new members at any time, who are then subject to the above requirements.

Section 3. Honorary Nature of Society
Membership in the chapter shall be honorary. Membership shall be conferred as a reward for scholarly achievement in mathematics. All members of the society shall consider themselves pledged to use their influence to see that the standards of the society are maintained; and in voting on new members to give an impartial judgment based on merit, in order that membership in the society may be an honor which is all the more highly prized because it is justly bestowed.

Section 4. Restriction of Member Privileges
Only Georgia Tech student members in good standing will be allowed the following:

  1. Voting privileges.
  2. The privileges of running for and holding an office.


Section 1. Officers
The officers of the chapter shall be President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer.

Section 2. Duties
The duties of the President include calling meetings, coordinating communications with external parties, organization of activities, and oversight of publicity. The President may also make appropriate organization expenditures with approval of the other officers. The duties of the Vice-President include presiding over meetings, and assisting the President wherever necessary, especially in maintaining the organizational website. The duties of the Secretary-Treasurer include keeping account of all meetings and transactions of the chapter, collecting all dues, fees, and taxes levied by the national organization, and forwarding the same to the national Secretary-Treasurer. The Secretary-Treasurer will also record all payments out of the chapter treasury, collect chapter dues, and write checks for chapter expenses.

Section 3. Elections

  1. Officers must be members of Pi Mu Epsilon and full-time Georgia Tech students in good standing, elected by majority vote of current members of the chapter.
  2. New officers may be nominated by any current member of the organization, and may accept or decline the nomination.
  3. A committee consisting of the faculty advisor and two members who are not currently nominated for an office will be elected by the membership to preside over elections.
  4. Elections will be held each Spring Semester, simultaneous with new member induction and new officers will hold their posts from the end of the semester in which they are elected through the end of the following Spring Semester.
  5. If the President resigns or is otherwise unable to continue serving during their term, the Vice-President shall take over the office of President, and a special election shall be held for the office of Vice-President.
  6. If any other officer resigns or is otherwise unable to continue serving during their term, a special election will be held to replace that officer.

Section 4. Removal of Officers
An officer may be removed after a letter from any member stating the basis for removal is received by the faculty advisor. A meeting will be called to inform the officer that he or she may be removed. A hearing will be held, with both parties allowed to voice their sides, and the current members shall vote on the removal. A two-thirds majority of the voting membership is required for removal from office.


Dues will be collected from each elected member prior to that member's induction, and every following Spring Semester while the member is still active in the organization. The local dues will be determined by the President, with the advice and consent of the Faculty Advisor.


  1. All business meetings shall be governed by the latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order, as long as these procedures are not in conflict with the constitution or the bylaws of Pi Mu Epsilon, either this chapter or the national organization.
  2. Members shall be notified of upcoming votes at least two weeks in advance, and acceptable methods of voting shall be determined at that time by the executive officers.


Amendments to this constitution will be accepted after a letter endorsed by a member and stating the proposed amendment is received by an officer. After receipt of such a request, a meeting shall be called to debate the change. Amendments must be ratified by at least two-thirds of the current members in a vote. Written notification to all members must be made by mail or email, at least two weeks in advance of any proposed changes in the constitution. Amendments are subject to the approval of the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Student Activities Committee (SAC).


  1. The chapter will have a Permanent Faculty Advisor from the Georgia Tech Mathematics Department with the rank of Instructor or higher, as described in the national Pi Mu Epsilon constitution.
  2. The advisor shall be selected during Fall Term by a majority vote of the membership. Nominations may be made by any mathematics faculty/staff, or by any member of the organization.
  3. The length of the advisor's term is two years, and there is no limit on re-election.
  4. The advisor can be removed by a two-thirds majority of the voting membership. A letter stating the reason(s) for removal should be sent to the President of the organization, who will preside over the hearing and vote for removal of the advisor.


  1. Members of the chapter will have a minimum of 10 hours of community service required per year. Hours are to be reported to the President of the organization before the end of the Spring semester.