Mathematical Biology

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Every odd spring semester

Problems from the life sciences and the mathematical methods for solving them are presented. The underlying biological and mathematical principles and the interrelationships are emphasized.


MATH 1502 OR MATH 1512 OR MATH 1555 OR MATH 1504 ((MATH 1552 OR MATH 15X2 OR MATH 1X52) AND (MATH 1522 OR MATH 1553 OR MATH 1554 OR MATH 1564 OR MATH 1X53))

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The biology and mathematics in this course have equal emphasis. No prior study of biology is necessary for this course, and only the concepts of first year calculus are required. The mathematics proceeds from simple concepts to more complex ones; the biology proceeds from the population level down to the molecular level. The course uses computer models to connect the mathematics and the biology. Topics discussed are population models, diffusion models, pharmacokinetics, neurophysiology, viruses, the immune system, the biochemistry of cells and genetics. Which models are emphasized depends on the interests of the class.