Nonlinear Algebra

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This is a course that introduces a few tools of Nonlinear Algebra with the view toward solving systems of polynomial equations. Apart from regular components (such as HW and exams), applied problems from various areas (automatic theorem proving, robotics, computer vision, systems biology/chemistry, etc.) will be assigned as group projects.


1. Systems of polynomial equations

2. Numerical homotopy continuation

3. Rings, ideals, and Gr¨obner bases

4. Algebra-geometry correspondence

5. Numerical algebraic geometry

6. Applications


Math 2106 or Math 3406 or Consent of the instructor*. The general prerequisite is mathematical maturity: seniors or strong juniors are expected.

With consent of the instructor, students may email for a prerequisite override. 

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The following notes will be the main text; several supplementary textbooks will be recommended.