Graph Algorithms

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Algorithms for graph problems such as maximum flow, matching, network reliability, minimum cuts, covering, coloring, planarity, shortest paths, and connectivity. Crosslisted with CS 7510 and ISYE 7510.


CS6505 or CS6550

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  • Spanning Trees [Depth-first, breadth-first, minimum weight, Kruskal & Prim algorithms, greedy algorithm]
  • Shortest paths [Algorithms of Dijkstra, Bellman-Ford, Floyd-Warshall]
  • Matchings [Augmenting paths, bipartite matching, Hungarian method, minimum weight, Edmonds' theorem, Chinese postman, T-cuts, T-joins]
  • Network flows [max-flow min-cut, Hoffman's circulation theorem, Hu's 2-commodity flow theorem]
  • Connectivity [Vertex- and edge-disjoint paths, testing connectivity, decomposing connected graph into blocks, Tutte's decomposition, edge-connectivity, Gomory-Hu trees]
  • Coloring [Brooks and Vizing theorem, edge-coloring bipartite graphs, 5-coloring planar graphs]
  • Testing planarity [Kuratowski's theorem, planarity algorithm in quadratic time or better]
  • Directed graphs [Digraphs connectivity, decomposition into strong components, ear decomposition, Roy-Gallai theorem]
  • Tree width [Basics, linear-time algorithms for problems on graphs of bounded tree-width]