Mathematics Written Comps Preparatory Class

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Every summer

Pass/Fail only. A course for graduate students in Mathematics to help prepare for the written comprehensive exams in Algebra and Analysis. Offered Summer 2017.

In 2017, the course was split into two sections: MATH 8802 ALG and MATH 8802 ANA.


Knowledge of Abstract Algebra and/or Real Analysis at the level of our graduate coursework. Restricted to Graduate students in Mathematics.

Course Text: 

No textbook is required for the class. Students are expected to have the textbooks which are used in the relevant graduate sequences.

Topic Outline: 

This course is designed to help graduate students in Mathematics (both Masters and PhD students) prepare for the written comprehensive exams in Algebra and Analysis.

The course is not meant to be a course covering the material from the syllabi of the written Algebra and Analysis exams, and students taking this course are expected to have already taken advanced coursework in Abstract Algebra and Analysis at the level of our graduate classes. The class is more like a hands-on laboratory where exercises of the type which have been occurring during our written exams are solved by the students, under the supervision of more advanced doctoral students.

The course will meet twice a week for a total of three hours: 1.5 hours dedicated to Algebra and 1.5 hours dedicated to Analysis.