Curricular Requirements for students entering the program before Fall 2015

There shall be required fifty-one credit hours beyond the bachelor's degree, with grades of C or better and a GPA of at least 3.0, consisting of:

  • At least thirty-six letter/grade hours in Mathematics at the 6000-level or above chosen in some rational way to the satisfaction of the departmental graduate committee and the student's research advisor. Reading courses and Special Topics courses (taken as letter/grade) can be counted towards these thirty-six hours.
  • The minor, nine hours of coursework taken outside of the School of Mathematics, or in an area of mathematics sufficiently far from the students area of specialization, in a group of related courses usually at the 6000-level or above chosen in some rational way to the satisfaction of the departmental Graduate Committee. At least six hours of the minor should be completed within three years of admission to the doctoral program.
  • Six additional hours at the 6000-level or above.
    • The departmental degree requirements supplement the Institute requirements as listed in the General Catalog. In particular, students are urged to read the grade point requirements for graduate students listed in the General Catalog.
    • A student enrolled in the master's degree program in Mathematics who wishes to be admitted to the PhD program in Mathematics should direct his or her request to the departmental graduate coordinator. Such a request should be accompanied by: (1) three letters of recommendation two of which are from people in mathematics; (2) a statement of purpose; (3) most recent copies of transcripts. MS students who have not passed both the Algebra and Analysis written comprehensive exams are discouraged from requesting an upgrade to the PhD level.

Note: Work on a master's thesis may not be counted toward any of the fifty-one hours specified above, but coursework for the master's degree may be counted.