2019 Georgia Scientific Computing Symposium

The Georgia Scientific Computing Symposium is a forum for professors, postdocs, graduate students and other researchers in Georgia to meet in an informal setting, to exchange ideas, and to highlight local scientific computing research. The symposium has been held every year since 2009 and is open to the entire research community.

This year, the symposium will be held on Saturday, February 16, 2019, at Georgia Institute of Technology. 

The format of the day-long symposium is a set of invited presentations, poster sessions and a poster blitz, and plenty of time to network with other attendees.

Registeration is free but please  Register Here to help us plan the event better.


The  list of speakers includes:

Prof. Luca Dieci, Georgia Tech, School of Math

Prof. Jun Kong, Georgia State University

Prof. Ming-Jun Lai, University of Georgia

Prof. Richard Peng, Georgia Tech, School of Computer Science.

Prof. Yuanzhe Xi, Emory University


Title and abstract with tentative schedule can be found Here.

Poster sessions will be held during lunch and during the afternoon break. Anyone can present a poster, but we especially encourage graduate students and postdocs to use this opportunity to advertise their work. 


Parking: Please use Visitor parking lot 1 which is the closest to the Skiles building at North Ave.  See map (Area 1) and more information at https://pts.gatech.edu/visitors#l3.  Please bring the parking ticket, and  see Sung Ha Kang or Haomin Zhou, for one day free parking pass during the symposium.


Previous Events

2018 GSCS at Georgia State University

2017 GSCS at University of Georgia

2016 GSCS at Emory University

2015 GSCS at Georgia Institute of Technology, CSE

2014 GSCS at Kennesaw State Univeristy

2013 GSCS at Georgia State University

2012 GSCS at University of Georgia

2011 GSCS at Emory University

2010 GSCS at Georgia Institute of Technology, Math

2009 GSCS at Emory University



Event Details


  • Saturday, February 16, 2019 - 12:00am