Financial Aid

The School of Mathematics supports virtually all doctoral students, but support for MS students is extremely rare.

Typically, stipends are paid for work as Graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs). Doctoral students who are progressing satisfactorily in their course work and research and their TA duties, are supported as TAs for 5 years since entering the program. The School will try to support for a sixth year all students who are on target for completion during their sixth year. Support for a seventh year, or beyond, is not to be expected.

A TA is usually expected to have a workload of 5 contact hours per week: 4 hours to meet recitation groups associated with introductory courses, and 1 hour to provide tutorial help in the departmental "Math Lab". New GTAs attend a weekly seminar to help with their duties, and new international GTAs have regular language instruction and supplementary orientation activities.

Georgia Tech makes available several fellowships for graduate students. Moreover a limited number of out-of-state tuition waivers are typically offered to students with outside institutional support such as the Fullbright Foundation or the World Student Fund.

Other forms of financial assistance such as the College Work-Study Program, Guaranteed Student Loan Program and National Direct Student Loan Program are handled by the Financial Aid Office.