Georgia Tech SIAM Student Chapter

About SIAM student chapters

Student chapters of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) are organized at colleges and universities to encourage the promotion of applied mathematics and computational science to young mathematicians. Student chapters provide opportunities to share ideas, learn about careers in applied and computational mathematics, and develop networks with faculty and fellow students.


The GT SIAM student chapter

The Georgia Tech chapter organizes a weekly student seminar and organizes/takes part in a yearly conference involving the other student chapters of the Southeast.


GT SIAM student officers (2017-2018)


PAST Southeast SIAM Student Conferences

  • Spring 2017 (Organized by Tongzhou Chen, John Dever, Hagop Tossounian, Lei Zhang)
  • Spring 2016 (Organized by Chenchen Mou, Hagop Tossounian, John Dever, Lei Zhang, Tongzhu Chen)
  • Spring 2015 (Organized by Fabio Difonzo, Romeo Awi, Hagop Tossounian, Mikel de Viana)


Calendar of Events


Dynamical Path Planning Methods For Control Problems in Unknown Environment, by Haoyan Zhai

Monday, November 27, 2017 from 3:00-400pm in Skiles 005

In this talk, we provide a deterministic algorithm for robotic path finding in unknown environment and an associated graph generator use only potential information. Also we will generalize the algorithm into a path planning algorithm for certain type of optimal control problems under some assumptions and will state some approximation methods if certain assumption no longer holds in some cases. And we hope to prove more theoretical results for those algorithms to guarantee the success.