MS in Mathematics

The Master of Science in Mathematics is meant to provide a rigorous introduction to graduate-level mathematics in a wide range of subdisciplines. Our MS program is aiming chiefly at students who will continue to a PhD in Mathematics, but who intend to strengthen their mathematical background prior to entering doctoral studies. At the same time, several doctoral students in other departments at Georgia Tech who have the need for advanced mathematical training find our program of interest and end up earning an MS in Mathematics as a secondary degree. The MS degree can be completed in three semesters, or even two, depending on the work load.

Curricular Requirements

Students must complete 30 semester credit hours. Of these, 12 hours must be at the 6000-level or above in mathematics, with a grade of B or better, distributed as follows:

(I) At least two classes from a concentration in Analysis:

  1. Analysis: MATH 6321, 6337, 6338, 7334, 7337, 7338. One of these two classes must be MATH 6337 or 6338.

(II) At least one class in two of the following areas:

  1. Discrete Mathematics and Algebra: MATH 6014, 6121, 6122, 7016, 7018.
  2. Geometry and Topology: MATH 6441, 6442, 6452, 6455, 6456, 6457, 6458.
  3. Differential Equations: MATH 6307, 6308, 6341, 6342.
  4. Probability and Statistics: MATH 6241, 6242, 7244, 7245, 6262, 6263, 6266, 6267.
  5. Numerical Analysis: MATH 6640, 6643, 6644, 6645, 6646.

The remaining 18 hours required may be taken under either a thesis or a non-thesis option.

Non-thesis Option. Under the non-thesis option, 9 of the remaining 18 hours are free electives. The other 9 hours must be at the 6000-level or higher, and at least 6 of these 9 hours must be in mathematics with a grade of B or better.

Thesis Option. Under the thesis option, the program must include a thesis, up to 9 thesis hours, and additional hours of coursework at the 4000 level or higher. Students choosing the thesis option should also satisfy the Institute's Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Requirement.

Disallowed Courses. Classes at 3000-level or below, MATH 6701, and 6702 do not count towards the hours requirements.  From Fall 2023 onward, the courses MATH 6579, MATH 6580, and MATH 6221 are meant for engineers and not for MS Math graduate students.  MS Math students considering MATH 6579 should take MATH 6337 instead.  MS Math students considering MATH 6580 should take MATH 6338 instead.

GPA Requirement. Students must maintain an overall grade-point average of at least 2.7 and receive a grade of C or better in each mathematics course in the program of study.

Procedures for the Thesis

If a master's student chooses to write a thesis, then there will be a thesis defense consisting of a presentation of the thesis followed by questions related to the thesis. There will be a committee consisting of three or more members chosen by the committee chair, ordinarily the advisor of the thesis, in consultation with the graduate coordinator. Permissions are not needed from the Vice Provost's office. The exam should take place at least two and preferably three weeks before commencement. The student reserves the room for two hours, although the exam is often shorter in duration. The Committee reports the result of the exam to the Graduate Director and to the Vice Provost. The thesis is archived electronically. When taking this exam, the Certificate of Thesis Approval must be completed, signed, and returned to the Graduate Director. Please refer to the Thesis guide for instructions on master's thesis.