College Selects Inclusive Excellence Faculty Fellows

August 28, 2023

Please join the Center for Promoting the Inclusion and Equity in the Sciences (C-PIES) in congratulating Stephanie Reikes, Greg Mayer, and Bekki George for being selected as the recipients of the 2023-2024 College of Sciences Inclusive Excellence Faculty Fellowship.

Stephanie Reikes and Greg Mayer, from the School of Mathematics, along with Bekki George from the School of Psychology, submitted an interdisciplinary application to create the “Open Course” database to support student success for students taking courses in mathematics and psychology.   

Their “Open Course” database aims to support student success in College Algebra, Precalculus, Multivariable Calculus and Introductory Statistical Methods by offering a set of courses that offer additional course content students can use to supplement their learning. These courses are pre-requisites for more advanced courses and have a combined enrollment of over 1000 students in fall semester alone. The set of courses being developed will be open to students to self-enroll at no cost and they will have access to curated course content, quizzes, and assessments.

This database will be beneficial to undergraduates enrolled in these courses, students in upper-level courses that use these classes as pre-requisites, and transfer students or students re-entering college after an extended time away.  

Bekki George recently departed Georgia Tech; Hi Shin Shim, a graduate student in the School of Psychology, will lead the development of the statistical methods portion of this project.  

This award is funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Inclusive Excellence Grant and Center for Promoting Inclusion and Equity in the Sciences (C-PIES). C-PIES is excited to support this new pedagogical approach to inclusive teaching.  

Congratulations again! 
—The Center for Promoting Inclusion and Equity in the Sciences (C-PIES)

For More Information Contact

Lea Marzo
Program Operations Director  
Center for Promoting Inclusion and Equity in the Sciences (C-PIES) 
College of Sciences at Georgia Tech