Dan Margalit and Joe Rabinoff Named Herman Fulmer Prize Winners 2019

June 17, 2019 | Atlanta, GA

The two winners of this years Herman K. Fulmer Award, Professors Dan Margalit and Joe Rabinoff, are worthy recipients of the Fulmer prize: not only have they taught Math 1553 and Math 1554 regularly since their inception as part of the 2015 first year curriculum upgrades, but they have also played major roles in development of curriculum and resources for the students. Perhaps the most impactful achievements have been to lead the development of online materials and an online textbook - the appropriately named Interactive Linear Algebra  https://textbooks.math.gatech.edu/ila/ila.pdf which includes interactive material and exercises, as well as examples from engineering and applications that help the students put the material in context.

In terms of the delivery of this material, they have worked with faculty in the School and across Georgia Tech to continue to improve how faculty interacts with the undergraduates they teach, leading by example by being themselves highly acclaimed instructors who are adired and sought after by the undergraduates taking the lower level classes that they teach.

As the landscape for offering these courses within a demanding engineering curriculum continues to evolve, Georgia Tech improves its support for students. There is increased demand for linear algebra as a foundation in today’s leading fields such as data analytics, computer engineering, and artificial intelligence. Within this landscape Profs. Margalit and Rabinoff have continued to work with faculty and colleagues at different levels of the university, so that SoM can provide this critical basis for the large number of undergraduates at Georgia Tech.

The School of Mathematics is very grateful to the late Howard Woodham (Georgia Tech alumnus, Engineering ’48) for the establishment of the Herman K. Fulmer Faculty Teaching Fund Endowment for the School of Mathematics (SoM), in memory of Professor Herman Fulmer, his former mathematics professor. This award allows us every year to recognize our instructors who exhibit genuine regard for undergraduate students. The courses mentioned above are a core part of Engineering studies at Georgia Tech.  

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