Getting to Know Georgia Tech: Steven Creech

December 13, 2018

With over 15,000 undergraduate students, six colleges, and more than 30 majors, the Georgia Tech community is a large and unique group.

Meet Steven Creech – B.S. Mathematics, Class of 2020

Hometown – Valdosta, Georgia

What do you enjoy about mathematics?

In mathematics, whenever you prove a statement, that statement will always be true; and there is a beauty to this truth

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in mathematics, most likely concentrated in algebraic number theory or algebraic geometry. Afterward, I want to go into academia and become a research professor. I am currently doing research under Professor Matt Baker in hyperfields. It is some of the most fun that I have had doing math because there is little that is understood about the subject, and even the task of defining a concept becomes a challenge when you start to work with more complicated structures.

What is your favorite memory at Tech?

In spring 2018, I went to an undergraduate math conference at Georgia Southern University, where a friend presented his research. A group of us also participated in a math competition there, and our team ended up winning.

Why do you like to do outside of classes?

I like to play bridge and attend Bridge Club at Georgia Tech meetings. I also enjoy working with other campus organizations. I am currently the president of Club Math, and I frequently attend Big O meetings as well.


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