SoM Graduate Student Awards 2021

May 9, 2021

Several SoM graduate students were recognized for their achievements at the ceremony held May 10th, 2021.

David L. Brown Fellowship

  • Umar Ahmed 
  • James Anderson 
  • Harris Cobb 
  • Joshua Marsh 
  • Kevin Shu

Top Graduate Student Award

  • Timothy Duff,
  • He Guo,
  • Shu Liu,
  • Hyunki Min,
  • Jaemin Park,
  • Jiaqi Yang, and
  • Youngho Yoo;

Herbert P. Haley Fellowship

This award is given by the College of Science for graduate students and is given only in the Spring 2021 semester.

  • Jacob Ian Lewis 

Sigma-Xi Best PhD Thesis Nominee

Since 1947, the Georgia Tech Chapter of Sigma Xi has annually honored Georgia Tech faculty and students for their research at the annual Spring Awards Banquet. The Georgia Tech Sigma Xi Research Awards are made possible by the gracious support of the Georgia Tech Research Corporation and the Ferst Foundation.

  • Josiah Park

Outstanding Graduate TA

  • Christina Giannitsi
  • Marc Harkoenen
  • Xiao Liu
  • Hyunki Min
  • Agiva Roy
  • Jiaqi Yang
  • Weiwei Zhang

FESTA Fellowship

Funded by a gift from John R. Festa, this award  recognizes  graduate students who exhibit superior academic and leadership skills.

  • Sarah Collins

CTL/BP Outstanding Grad TA Nominee

  • Hassan Attarchi
  • Jack Olinde (Online TA of the Year nominee)
  • Juntao Duan (Online Head TA of the Year nominee)

CTL/BP Outstanding Grad Instructor

  • Surena Hozoori

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