Past REU Topics

Research Experiences for Undergraduates at Georgia Tech

REU program 2016 was held from May 25-July 20, 2016 in the area of Discrete Mathematics and Molecular Biology

REU Area of Research Affiliations
Ibrahim Apata RNA Folding Morehouse College
Ida De Vierno Meanders Georgia Tech
Chelsea Huston RNA Secondary Structures Spelman College
Jason Kolbush RNA Secondary Structures Georgia Tech
Isabella Nang Meanders Georgia State University
Taylor Strickland RNA Secondary Structures Agnes Scott College

REU program 2015 was held from June 1, 2015 through July 24, 2015.

REU Area of Research Affiliation
Rosahn Bhattari Numerical Analysis Georgia State University
Veronica Fulton* Image Processing Spelman College
Jamese Lewis Numerical Analysis Spelman College
Austin Little Numerical Analysis Morehouse College
Michael Mbaba Image Processing Morehouse College
Rachel Shore Image Processing Agnes Scott College

*Veronica F Fulton received the 1st Place Oral Presentation Award, April, 2016 Spelman College Research Day.

Summer 2013 GT REUs
Professor Student Topic
Yuri Bakhtin Andrew Travis Rogers Invariant distributions for systems with random switchings
Jeff Geronimo Andrew Pangia Toeplitz Matrices and Bivariate Orthogonal Polynomials
Mohammad Ghomi Arun Jambulapati Foldability of prismoids
Summer 2012 GT REUs
Professor Student Topic
Yuri Bakhtin Gautam Goel Burgers equation with random forcing
Ernie Croot Nicholas Dunn Improving the performance of algorithms to solve the knapsack problem
Wilfrid Gangbo Ross Granowski Boundedness properties of Michell trusses
Mohammad Ghomi Andrew McCullough Polyhedral approximation of surfaces and the Gauss-Bonnet theorem
Klara Grodzinsky Andrea Crews Determining the most beneficial teaching style: PLUS leaders vs. TAs
Doron Lubinsky Nguyen Vy Universality Limits for Arcs of the Unit Circle
Dan Margalit Peter Woolfitt Entropy Versus Word Length
Tom Morley Roger Mercanti A study of Roll over - a combinatorial game
Doug Ulmer Sam Kim Elliptic curves, group representations, and lattices
Xingxing Yu Qiqin (Jill) Xie Kuratowski's Theorem
Summer 2011 GT REUs
Professor Student Topic
Silas Alben Brittany Smith Optimal crawling of a three-link snake
Matt Baker Melanie Dunn Tropical implicitization
Jean Bellissard Jon Paprocki Applications of Cuntz-Krieger algebras to BPS state counting
Ernie Croot Sean Murphy Hidden Markov Models and Speech Recognition
Jeff Geronimo Howard Tong One and two variable orthogonal polynomials
Christine Heitsch David Esposito Improved RNA secondary structure prediction using stochastic context free grammars 
Christine Heitsch Stephen Nanney Analyzing optimality criterion for RNA secondary structures prediction
Plamen Iliev Andrew McCullough Spectral and self-dual properties of Krawtchouk polynomials
Michael Lacey Ross Granowski Toward a Geometric Estimate of the Haar Coeffcients for the
Periodically Shifted Halton-Hammersley Set in Four Dimensions
Anton Leykin/Josephine Yu Henry Duong Numerical computation of tropical curves
Doron Lubinsky Trevor Loranger Polynomials that are biorthogonal to a fixed set of exponentials
Tom Morley Kathleen Sickler Variations on Chomp
Prasad Tetali David Hollis Classical questions in computational complexity theory, with focus on circuit complexity for bipartite matching and other problems
Doug Ulmer Mahadi Osman Purity of Gauss and Jacobi sums
Summer 2010 GT REUs
Professor Student Topic
Silas Alben Michiel Shortt Some Interesting Variants on the Thomson Problem
Matt Baker Melanie Dunn Plotting Tropical Curves
Igor Belegradek Melanie Stam Families of Hyperplanes in the Real and Complex Hyperbolic Plane
Jean Bellissard James (Greg) Douthit Computation of the Spectrum of the Fibonacci Hamiltonian Using Bloch Theory
Jean Bellissard Jonathan Paprocki Phason Modes in Quasicrystals
Leonid Bunimovich Mark Bolding Rewiring in Dynamical Networks
Ernie Croot David Hollis Deterministic Methods to Find Primes
Ernie Croot David Lowry Deterministic Methods to Find Primes
Jeff Geronimo Philip Benge Parameters Associated with Bivariate Bernstein-Szego Measures
Plamen Iliev Michael Qin Admissible q-Difference Operators in Two Variables
Tom Morley John Cummings Computations in combinatorial games
Prasad Tetali Harrison Brown Graph Homomorphisms and a Graph Polynomial Conjecture
Xingxing Yu Michelle Delcourt Sum-set Bounds on Graphs
Summer 2009 GT REUs
Professor Student Topic
Silas Alben Leo Chen Stability of an elastic sheet with vortices
Silas Alben Reginald McGee Optimizing a fin ray for strength
Yuri Bakhtin Dustin Burns  
Ernie Croot Nathaniel Chen Number of problems about whether certain sets contain
arithmetic progressions
Ernie Croot William Drobny Counting the number of lines that intersect an n x n lattice
in exactly k points
Christine Heitsch Joshua Anderson Discrete mathematics applied to mRNA codon variation and folding kinetics
Plamen Iliev Hau Chan Orthogonal polynomials satisfying second-order difference equations
Doron Lubinsky John Reinhardt Second and higher order differential equations associated with orthogonal polynomials
Henry Matzinger Vladimir Kolesov Analysing responses to a questionnarie by using decision trees
Tom Morley Ben Sirb Investigations in game theory
Prasad Tetali Aisha Arroyo G-Parking functions of special graphs
Maria Westdickenberg
Sung Ha Kang 
Jing Cui* Anisotropic diffusion and the Perona-Malik scheme
Maria Westdickenberg
Sung Ha Kang
Chuya Guo* Numerical methods for isotropic and non-isotropic diffusion, including total variation denoising
Maria Westdickenberg
Sung Ha Kang
Tarik Trent Shock filter and variational models for image deblurring, including the case of non-isotropic blur kernels
Maria Westdickenberg
Sung Ha Kang
Janatta Washington Principal component analysis, SVD and image analysis
Yingfei Yi Racheal Lunde Modeling, simulation, and analysis of chemical reactions with applications to cell-biology
*Not funded by NSF grants
Summer 2008 GT REUs
Silas Alben Daniel Yancey Effect of fin shape on the dynamics of flexible rubber fins in a flow tunnel
Silas Alben Josh Anderson Collective motions of magnetic swimmers
Silas Alben Kevin Spears (math/bio) Modeling synchronous and metachronal swimming of krill
Matt Baker Stefan Froehlich Brill-Noether theory for graphs
Matt Baker Daniel Connelly Green's functions for Mandelbrot-like sets
Yuri Bakhtin Spencer Nettleton Directed polymers in random environment
Igor Belegradek Cindy Phillips Complex Hyperbolic Plane in Cylindrical Coordinates about the Real Hyperbolic Plane
Johan Belinfante William Drobney Zorn's Lemma
Luca Dieci Abhishek Pandey Exploration of the Deterministic and Stochastic Van Der Pol Equation
Christine Heistch Nicole Larsen Enumerating Pseudoknotted RNA Structures
Doron Lubinsky Nicholas McKibben Sanders Curious q-series on the unit circle
Tom Morley Patrick Brandt Markov chains and music
Prasad Tetali Robert Glenn On sampling spanning trees with no broken circuits
Hao Min Zhou/Shui-Nee Chow Fei He Computations of stochastic different equations for oscillators
Summer 2007 GT REUs
Ernie Croot Aisha Aroyo Develop basic integer factoring algorithms
Ernie Croot Jonathan Eisen Improve upon more basic integer factoring methods
John McCuan Arthur J. Friend
Rob Ward
Exotic capillary tubes (ordinary differential equations, physics and mean curvature)
Prasad Tetali Brian Benson G-parking functions and acyclic orientations of graphs
Summer 2006 GT REUs
Matt Baker Dragos Ilas On the Abel-Jacobi Map from a Graph to its Jacobian
Matt Baker Ander Steel Carmichael numbers in number rings
Johan Belinfante Lee Martie GOEDEL
Shui-Nee Chow D. Andrew Brown Study of control of a nonlinear system modeling a terrorist attack
John Etnyre Gokhan Civan Invariants derived from the contact homology differential graded algebra
Mohammad Ghomi Robert Vincent DeMarco The Four Vertex Theorem and the Extension of its Converse to the Sphere
Mohammad Ghomi Brian Nakamura Alexandrov's conjecture
Lew Lefton Darshan Bryner The Homology of 17-Crossing Knots: A Computational Approach to Knot Theory
Doron Lubinsky Beth Hart Rodrigues formulae for biorthogonal polynomials
John McCuan Steven Britt
Laura Stilz
A Mathematical Framework for Paper Folding
Tom Morley Garrett Thompson Searching for Periodicity in the Game of Officers
Tom Morley Emanuel Indrea Markov Chains and Traffic Analysis
Robin Thomas Masanori Koyama An Algebraic Approach to a Graph Choosability Problem
Yang Wang Brian Benson An Analysis of the Three Hat Problem
Summer 2005 GT REUs
Matt Baker Ander Steele Carmichael numbers in Abelian extension fields
Matt Baker Matthew Tanzy Minimizing the effective resistance energy on a graph
Johan Belinfante Claudia Huang Automated reasoning assistant GOEDEL and Peano's arithmetic
Ernie Croot Brian Williams Small roots of polynomials modulo squarefree numbers
Ernie Croot Brian Swanagan Determining lower bounds for differences of powers of 2 and 3 using Pade Approximations
Jeff Geronimo Nick Cotton Numerical analysis of an Epsilon-Difference Equation
C. Houdré, L. Peng Alexander Block Credit risk modeling
Lew Lefton Darshan Bryner Parallel computing in various mathematical algorithms
Yingjie Liu Carina Saxton Simulation of plankton ecosystem dynamics in oceans
Doron Lubinsky Ioana Soran Orthogonal and biorthogonal polynomials
John McCuan Alan Diaz A geometric method for measuring the structure of optical fibers
Peter Mucha A. J. Friend A local community detection algorithm for weighted real-world networks
Tom Trotter Bill March On-line coloring of interval graphs
Yang Wang Charles Martin Basic digit sets: Investigations and applications
Summer 2004 GT REU
Shui Nee Chow Caroline Seabrook 
Stephanie Chung
Pattern Formation
Ernie Croot Bayazid Sarkar Fermat Numbers
John McCuan Jeffrey Elms Soap Films in Corners
Mason Porter
Leonid Bunimovich
Julie Bjornstad 
Alexie Dachevski
Mathematical Biology
Dana Randall Brittany Hughes Markov Chains
Robin Thomas Matt Perry Topics in Graph Theory
Hou Min Zhou Robert Pruvenok Image Processing
Summer 2003 GT REUs
Shui-Nee Chow/Mason Porter Jeremy Corbett Numerical Work in Spatial Temporal Chaos
Michael Lacey Brandon Luders
Alex Charis
Additive Number Theory
Peter Mucha Casey Warmbrand Political Network Theory
Peter Mucha Thomas Callaghan Football Network Theory
Mason Porter Steven Lansel Computer Simulation of Billiard Systems
Robin Thomas Michael Abraham Topics in Graph Theory
Summer 2002 GT REUs
Peter Mucha Michael Abraham Small World Networks, on the Bewoulf Cluster
John McCuan Roberto Lopez
Jeffery Elms
ACE Lab, Electrostatics
John Pelesko Ryan Hynd ACE Lab, Electromagnetics
Joe Landsberg Erika Norenberg Morse Theory
Joe Landsberg Joe Montgomery Degenerate Gauss Maps on Algebraic Varieties
Johan Belinfante David Eger Artificial Intelligence
Xingxing Yu Jeremy Barrett Algebraic and Topological Aspects of Graphs
Prasad Tetali David Skoog Random Codes
Margeret Symington Andy Wand Contact Topology
Anthony Yezzi Ganesh Sundaramoorthi Electrostatics Charge, Image Segmentation
Prasad Tetali Boris Kerzhner Random Codes
Summer 2001 GT REUs
Evans Harrell Clark Alexander Convex Geometry
Chris Heil Nick Bronn Time Frequency Analysis
Michael Lacey Nick Bronn Sets avoiding Arithmetic Progression
Prasad Tetali Blair Dowling Elliptic Curves, Cryptography
Brendan Nagle Erika Norenberg Hypergraphs
Johan Belinfante Tack Soo Im Automated Reasoning