Defining canonically best factorization theorems for the generating functions of special convolution type sums

Algebra Seminar
Wednesday, February 10, 2021 - 3:30pm for 1 hour (actually 50 minutes)
Maxie Schmidt
Justin Chen

We are motivated by invertible matrix based constructions for expressing the coefficients of ordinary generating functions of special convolution type sums. The sum types we consider typically arise in classical number theoretic applications such as in expressing the Dirichlet convolutions $f \ast 1$ for any arithmetic function $f$. The starting point for this perspective is to consider the so-termed Lambert series generating function (LGF) factorization theorems that have been published over the past few years in work by Merca, Mousavi and Schmidt (collectively). In the LGF case, we are able to connect functions and constructions like divisor sums from multiplicative number theory to standard functions in the more additive theory of partitions. A natural question is to ask how we can replicate this type of unique "best possible", or most expressive expansion relating the generating functions of more general classes of convolution sums? In the talk, we start by summarizing the published results and work on this topic, and then move on to exploring how to define the notion of a "canonically best" factorization theorem to characterize this type of sum in more generality.

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