Approximate Schauder Frames for Banach Sequence Spaces

Dissertation Defense
Friday, April 16, 2021 - 4:00pm for 1.5 hours (actually 80 minutes)
Yam-Sung Cheng – Georgia Institute of Technology –
Yam Sung Cheng

The main topics of this thesis concern two types of approximate Schauder frames for the Banach sequence space $\ell_1$. The first main topic pertains to finite-unit norm tight frames (FUNTFs) for the finite-dimensional real sequence space $\ell_1^n$. We prove that for any $N \geq n$, FUNTFs of length $N$ exist for real $\ell_1^n$. To show the existence of FUNTFs, specific examples are constructed for various lengths. These constructions involve repetitions of frame elements. However, a different method of frame constructions allows us to prove the existence of FUNTFs for real $\ell_1^n$ of lengths $2n-1$ and $2n-2$ that do not have repeated elements.

The second main topic of this thesis pertains to normalized unconditional Schauder frames for the sequence space $\ell_1$. A Schauder frame provides a reconstruction formula for elements in the space, but need not be associated with a frame inequality. Our main theorem on this topic establishes a set of conditions under which an $\ell_1$-type of frame inequality is applicable towards unconditional Schauder frames. A primary motivation for choosing this set of hypotheses involves appropriate modifications of the Rademacher system, a version of which we prove to be an unconditional Schauder frame that does not satisfy an $\ell_1$-type of frame inequality.

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