Topics On the Length of the Longest Common Subsequences With Blocks In Binary Random Words

Dissertation Defense
Thursday, August 8, 2019 - 1:00pm for
Skiles 246
Yuze Zhang – Georgia Institute of Technology –
Yuze Zhang

The study of LIn, the length of the longest increasing subsequences, and of LCIn, the length of the longest common and increasing subsequences in random words is classical in computer science and bioinformatics, and has been well explored over the last few decades. This dissertation studies a generalization of LCIn for two binary random words, namely, it analyzes the asymptotic behavior of LCbBn, the length of the longest common subsequences containing a fixed number, b, of blocks. We first prove that after proper centerings and scalings, LCbBn, for two sequences of i.i.d. Bernoulli random variables with possibly two different parameters, converges in law towards limits we identify. This dissertation also includes an alternative approach to the one-sequence LbBn problem, and Monte-Carlo simulations on the asymptotics of LCbBn and on the growth order of the limiting functional, as well as several extensions of the LCbBn problem to the Markov context and some connection with percolation theory.