On amphichirality of symmetric unions (Virtual)

Geometry Topology Seminar
Monday, October 18, 2021 - 2:00pm for 1 hour (actually 50 minutes)
Skiles 006
Ceren Kose – The University of Texas at Austin – fkose@math.utexas.edu
Miriam Kuzbary

Symmetric unions are an interesting class of knots. Although they have not been studied much for their own sake, they frequently appear in the literature. One such instance regards the question of whether there is a nontrivial knot with trivial Jones polynomial. In my talk, I will describe a class of symmetric unions, constructed by Tanaka, such that if any are amphichiral, they would have trivial Jones polynomial. Then I will show how such a knot not only answers the above question but also gives rise to a counterexample to the Cosmetic Surgery Conjecture. However, I will prove that such a knot is in fact trivial and hence cannot be used to answer any of these questions. Finally, I will discuss how the arguments that go into this proof can be generalized to study amphichiral symmetric unions.