Link Concordance and Groups

Geometry Topology Seminar
Monday, September 9, 2019 - 2:00pm for
Miriam Kuzbary – Georgia Tech – kuzbary@gatech.edu
Miriam Kuzbary

This is a general audience Geometry-Topology talk where I will give a broad overview of my research interests and techniques I use in my work.  My research concerns the study of link concordance using groups, both extracting concordance data from group theoretic invariants and determining the properties of group structures on links modulo concordance. Milnor's invariants are one of the more fundamental link concordance invariants; they are thought of as higher order linking numbers and can be computed using both Massey products (due to Turaev and Porter) and higher order intersections (due to Cochran). In my work, I have generalized Milnor's invariants to knots inside a closed, oriented 3-manifold M. I call this the Dwyer number of a knot and show methods to compute it for null-homologous knots inside a family of 3-manifolds with free fundamental group. I further show Dwyer number provides the weight of the first non-vanishing Massey product in the knot complement in the ambient manifold. Additionally, I proved the Dwyer number detects knots K in M bounding smoothly embedded disks in specific 4-manifolds with boundary M which are not concordant to the unknot in M x I. This result further motivates my definition of a new link concordance group in joint work with Matthew Hedden using the knotification construction of Ozsv'ath and Szab'o. Finally, I will briefly discuss my recent result that the string link concordance group modulo its pure braid subgroup is non-abelian.