Research proposal: Matchings in hypergraphs

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Thursday, October 31, 2019 - 1:30pm for 30 minutes
Skiles 005
Xiaofan Yuan – Georgia Tech –
Xiaofan Yuan

I will introduce a minimum l-degree threshold for the existence of a nearly perfect (i.e., covering all but a constant number of vertices) matching in a k-graph where k ≥ 3 and k/2 < l ≤ k − 1. This is joint work with Hongliang Lu and Xingxing Yu.

This improves upon an earlier result of Hàn, Person, and Schacht for the range k/2 < l ≤ k − 1. In some cases, such a matching can in fact be near perfect (i.e., covering all but at most k vertices) and our bound on the minimum l-degree is best possible.