Classical Solutions of Two Dimensional Inviscid Rotating Shallow Water System

PDE Seminar
Tuesday, November 10, 2009 - 3:05pm for 1.5 hours (actually 80 minutes)
Skiles 255
Chunjing Xie – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Zhiwu Lin
In this talk, we will discuss the global existence and asymptotic behavior of classical solutions for two dimensional inviscid Rotating Shallow Water system with small initial data subject to the zero-relative-vorticity constraint. One of the key steps is a reformulation of the problem into a symmetric quasilinear Klein-Gordon system, for which the global existence of classical solutions is then proved with combination of the vector field approach and the normal forms. We also probe the case of general initial data and reveal a lower bound for the lifespan that is almost inversely proportional to the size of the initial relative vorticity. This is joint work with Bin Cheng.