FASET and Incoming Students

The new student orientation program for freshman and transfer students and their parent(s), guardian(s) or guest(s) is referred to as FASET which stands for:

  • Familiarization and
  • Adaptation to the
  • Surroundings and
  • Environs of
  • Tech

The FASET website offers a host of information for the incoming new students.

Information for Incoming Fall First-Year Students

Frequently asked questions regarding registration.

Which MATH course should I take?

New Math Core (from Fall 2015).

See the AP Credit credit chart.

Flow chart describing textbook choices for Fall 2019.

MATH 1564 Information

MATH 1564, Linear Algebra with Abstract Vector Spaces is by invitation only. Permits will be issued to selected students. Application form.

Optional Online Placement Examination for MATH 1113 and other Optional Advanced Placement Mathematics Examinations

An on-line proctored Optional Placement exams for MATH 1113 will be offered the Friday before FASET weeks in June and July. 

 Details and application

The Optional Advanced Placement Exam will allow students to test out of MATH 1113, MATH 1551, MATH 1552, MATH 1553 or MATH 1554. These exams will be administered in-person at Georgia Tech on August 20, 2021, the Friday before Fall 2021 classes start.  Details and application.

Review materials are available for students who need refresher before taking the Math 1113 AP Exam. The review materials are published as a canvas class, and students can self-enroll using this link: https://gatech.instructure.com/enroll/TYL998 


See the AP Credit credit chart.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Transfer credit information on the Transfer Equivalency Catalog, transfer credit evaluation policies, information on how to request transfer credit evaluations, and more. 

Mathematics Course Equivalencies

Course equivalencies between the Old Math Core and the New Math Core Fall 2015 and information on transfer credit courses such as MATH 1X51, 1X52, 1X53, 2X51, 2X52, MATH 15X1, 15X2, 1522, 17X1, 17X2, 24X1, or 24X3, etc.

Honors Courses

The School of Mathematics offers honors courses for freshmen and continuing students. Continue here.