Fall 2016


Introduction to Graph Theory

The fundamentals of graph theory: trees, connectivity, Euler torus, Hamilton cycles, matchings, colorings and Ramsey theory.

Introduction to Graduate Mathematics

This course includes topics on professional development and responsible conduct of research. The course satisfies the GT RCR Academic Policy for Doctoral Students to complete in-person RCR training.

Potential Theory

Special topics course on Potential Theory offered by Doron Lubinsky in Fall 2016

Algebraic Curves

Special topics course on Algebraic Curves, offered in Fall 2016 by Rainer Sinn.

Stochastic Processes and Stochastic Calculus I

An introduction to the Ito stochastic calculus and stochastic differential equations through a development of continuous-time martingales and Markov processes. (1st of two courses in sequence)

The Practice of Quantitative and Computational Finance

Case studies, visiting lecturers from financial institutions, student group projects of an advanced nature, and student reports, all centered around quantitative and computational finance. Crosslisted with ISYE and MGT 6785.

Design and Implementation of Systems to Support Computational Finance

Introduction to large scale-system design to support computational finance for options, stocks, or other instruments.

Advanced Linear Algebra

An advanced course in Linear Algebra and applications.

Functional Analysis

Spectral theory of bounded and unbounded operators, major theorems of functional analysis, additional topics.

Mathematical Introduction to Compressive Sensing

Special topics course on Mathematical Introduction to Compressive Sensing, by Michael Lacey, offered Fall 2016.


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