FAQs for Incoming Fall Freshmen

Registration Information for Incoming Fall Freshmen:

1.  What math credit do I get from my AP, IB, A-level exam?

See the AP Credit Chart.

2.  Can I take a placement exam to test out of a math class?

Incoming freshman students can take the Optional Advanced Placement Mathematics Examinations. Continuing students are not eligible for the placement exams. However, students can request permission for an Advanced Standing Exam .

3.  What transfer credit do I get for a course I took?

Please refer to the Transfer credit information page.

4.  Is my transfer course equivalent?

Please read the information page regarding course equivalencies.

5.  If a math section that I want is closed (full), what should I do?

Register for an open section at a different time, or register for the waitlist of the section if the wailist is already active. More information on waitlists can be found here and at the Registrar's webpage.

6.  How do I request a space if all math sections are closed?

The School of Math does not issue overloads. The only way to get a spot in a closed section is through the waitlist system. You will need to register for a waitlist if the waitlists are active. During FASET registration, seats are released slowly to give all time tickets the same chance to register for different sections. The waitlists will be active once no more seats can be released for a given section.

7.  When will I know if I'll be able to register if I'm on the waitlist?

The waitlist system automatically sends a notification by email to your GaTech email address when space becomes available, on a first-come-first-served basis. Registering for a waitlist is not guarantee that you'll be able to register for that particular section.

8.  If I get a notification from the waitlist system, am I registered for that section?

No, you have permission to register for the section you were notified upon within the next 12 hours after receiving the notification. To add this section to your schedule, follow closely the instructions sent to you in the notification email.  You must register before the end of the time window specified on the notification email, otherwise the permission to register will expire and the seat will be given to the next person on the waitlist. We cannot issue notifications to register, only the waitlist system does it automatically.

9.  I do not have AP credit for MATH 1551 or MATH 1552, but I plan to take an advanced placement exam for them in August. Should I register for a math class during FASET?

Yes, you should register for MATH 1113, MATH 1551, MATH 1552, MATH 1553 or MATH 1554 as appropriate.  If you pass the placement exam, you will be issued GT credit for the class(es) and you'll have the chance to register for the next class during Phase II of registration.

10.  I am in the Honors Program (HP). How do I get a permit to register for the honors program section of MATH 1552 HP1 or HP2?

Please contact your Honors Program advisor.

11.  How do I get a permit to register for the MATH 1564, Linear Algebra with Abstract Vector Spaces?

We will email the application information for MATH 1564 (Sections K1 and K2) to students who have the AP Calculus BC score of 5 or Math SAT score of at least 750 in early July.  If you do not receive the invitation or do not have the above Calculus BC score, please see the MATH 1564 application information.  We will email application status update.  During FASET, please sign up for the regular Calculus II class, MATH 1502.

12.  I am in the Honors Program, can I take the MATH 1564?

Yes, you will need to apply for it.  See FAQ #11.